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Reviews should only be based on your personal experience and must be truthful, constructive and objective. We moderate all reviews to ensure nothing offensive, defamatory or derogatory is published. Please refrain from any swear words.

Please note, that our listed businesses will receive an email with your review, good or bad, and they reserve the right to respond to you or provide their side of the story. We ask that business owners and staff members refrain from reviewing their own businesses.


Party Affairs can publish, reject, edit or remove any comment at our discretion. All reviews and comments submitted become the property of Party Affairs. We can reproduce any part of such content for publication or broadcasting in any marketing material or social media etc.
Party Affairs holds no obligation to remove a comment when requested by a reviewer or business.


Party Affairs will reject any reviews that:

  • Reviews that do not appear to recount a genuine experience.
  • Uses swear words and vulgar language.
  • Are offensive or derogatory e.g. racist, sexist or homophobic content.
  • Are defamatory e.g. falsely or unjustly damaging someone’s reputation.
  • Contain claims of food poisoning or illegal activity. If this happens to you, we encourage you to contact relevant legal bodies.
  • Any materials relevant to legal court cases that are currently occurring.
  • Are written by a business owner on a competitor’s business listing.
  • Reviews that are not in English or do not make sense.

Party Affairs holds the final decision, however if you would like to know why your review was rejected, feel free to contact us for an explanation.


Any user that spots something they believe to be inappropriate or unfair has the right to click the ‘report’ button, appearing under each review. The person will be required to explain why they think the information is inappropriate and we will consequently investigate the report and act upon it. Party Affairs reserves the right to make a final decision upon the comment.

If you are a business owner and feel a review is inappropriate, please contact us to explain your side so we can temporarily disable the content for up to 3 business days until a solution is reached. The reviewer will be contacted and if they are able to substantially support their claims, the review will be reinstated. However Party Affairs holds the final say in whether the content must be abolished or can reappear.

Please note Party Affairs will not take phone calls about inappropriate reviews. All discussions must take place in writing.