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Tips for an easy Melbourne Cup Party at the office

The first Tuesday of November is coming up, which means, it’s Melbourne Cup time! The time where the nation literally stops to watch the most anticipated race of the year!

To make things more convenient and fun, we are here to tell you tips on how to throw an easy office party for your colleagues.

First things first, food! The race doesn’t start till 3 in the afternoon, but that doesn’t mean you start the party exactly that time. Catering! Easy, neat and right on time. You will have everyone covered in advance. Gluten free, vegan or vegetarian…or even pescatarian, etc. So before the race, a light and fresh lunch catering would be a stand out amongst your colleagues. Dig in and chat about your bets while waiting for the race. Flavours Catering offers a wide range of choices that would definitely leave you wanting for more food! Check out their delish servings here!

Booze is always a must. For this particular day, champagne would be the most obvious drink. You could still serve other cocktails or soft drinks, but it’d be fancier to have a glass (or two) of champagne with your fancy hats too! Don't have time to go to the store? Shorty's Liquor got you covered! They can directly deliver at your office complete with glass hire and ice!  Caution: Drink responsibly, you’re still at work.

Decorate your table setting with small horses and bring out the spring vibe! Add flowers and greens to make the whole set up refreshing. For our table, Amscan didn't fail us with their fun products!

Never forget your hat! This is the day where it is fully acceptable to come in to the office wearing your ridiculously fancy, creative hat. Go big or go home!

We don’t want your efforts of dressing up to go to waste, so having a small fashion show of your own would totally make everyone happy!  Run a contest for the best dressed! Maybe a bit of a runway show? Have your colleagues vote and the prize…well a bottle of something of course!

Make sure to write down your bets. Assign one person to list and organise all the bets, for a safe and non-conflicted afternoon.

This party wouldn’t matter if you dont provide a good set up to watch the live broadcast. Plan a head and get the most suitable set up for your office. Double check the quality and sound are working!

That is all folks!

  • Catering
  • Decoration
  • Contest
  • Booze
  • Runway

And oh! The race on the Tele…OF COURSE!