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A Sizzling BBQ Party in January

Firing up the grill is always fun! Cold drinks, hot sausages, and reminiscing on the past holiday festivities- what else could you ask for? However, we know planning one can be a bit tricky. That’s why we’re here to give you some tips to make everything simple and organised for you!

Follow these tips to have an enjoyable and sizzling day!

  1. BBQ grill: Before anything else, make sure your grill is clean and working. You wouldn’t want to leave it at the last minute. No grill, no party!
  1. Plan ahead: Plan your party in advance. Ensure you’ve got everything checked on the list: food, beverages, guests, etc. It’s always better to organise your party ahead of time! Plan what you are going to make:
  • Plan for vegetarians, vegans, gluten free etc.
  • 1 entree, 3 mains, and desserts (depending on how many people you are having over)
  • Plan a BYO; whether it be food, dessert or beverages.
  1. Everything BBQ-ed: Everything from the entrees to the sausage buns, make sure you grill it! We gotta stick to the theme! Also, this will make it easy for you to get everything done, in one place at one time. Veggies, meats and carbs…throw em on the ‘barbie mate!’

  1. Decorations: Make it fun! You can never go wrong with a balloon garland. Choose your colours and be creative. Get away from boring white plates, and invest on a few pattered ones. Add summer decorations as well, around the table, like novelty pineapple cups and some cactus pots. Choose a theme and run with it, we have faith in you…if not give us a call :p We know some people that know some people that make events awesome!

  1. Food: Aside from sausages and meat, make sure to have some variations on your food choices. Consider vegetarians and gluten free food. Include different kinds of sauce as well, and never forget the drinks- cold beer, softidrinks, iced tea! Perfect for the summer weather!
  1. Music: Is it even a party without our favourite tunes?! Pump up your guests’ spirits and blast fun music!
  1. Entertainment: If you’re feeling extra, rent a karaoke machine to keep your guests engaged the whole night! Don’t forget to include activities for the kids as well- colouring books, play dough, etc.

Now, get ready for that BBQ party!!