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Wine Tasting at Home

Wine tasting at home

Sometimes it’s just too hard to get to those expensive wineries for a wine tasting, so why not invite your friends and family over and taste delicious wine with scrumptious food. You can host from the comfort of your own home which is perfect for this cold weather! When hosting any type of party, creating a comfortable atmosphere will help your guests truly enjoy themselves. Create a comfortable indoor seating area where your besties can lounge and catch up with each other while sipping. No matter where your wine tasting at home is, as long as your guests are comfortable they will leave feeling happy (and perhaps a little tipsy, too!)

We have the hottest tips for how to host a wine tasting party at home and have selected our awesome suppliers who can help add that extra wow factor to your party! Read on and in no time you can be sipping on a glass of wine and feeling like you are in Italy at a winery! (almost!)

Choose the Wine


There are some essential things you’ll need to prepare ahead of time for your wine tasting. The first is, obviously, the wine. It’s diverse enough to spark interesting contrasts, but not so many that you’ve forgotten about the first by the time you get to the final glass. Five is a nice number for a small event at home. You can feel free to mix reds and whites, but generally try to begin with lighter wines and move to heavier and darker ones later. For six guests, two bottles of each wine should be plenty for an evening.

We recommend checking out The Wine Gallery. Think of them as your secret wine adviser, your guests will think your a pro after The Wine Gallery offer the expert advice! They can help you choose the best bottles of wine for any occasion from their curated selection of quality affordable wines. All their wines are chosen by the 2014 Australia Sommelier of the Year. Best of all, they can match them to the food being served, the type of occasion, your individual tastes or even the season!




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Also if your short for time to get to the bottle shop before your party, why not hire the services of Quick Bottle. Just let them know which wines you need and they can pick them up from the bottle shop and deliver them to your front door! It’s as easy as that!



Choose a Theme


Tuscany anyone? Create a Tuscan Winery theme with Tuscan food such as pasta and pizza and Italian appetisers, yum! You know what else goes perfect with wine? Chocolate! Especially dark chocolate, anything with 60% or more cacao is perfect for your wine tasting. You could also add a cheese platter! Who doesn’t love a cheese platter with a glass of wine?!

Take some inspiration from these stunning platters.


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Wine Tasting At Home Decorations


Make sure you’ve got some extra wine glasses on hand, traditionally you use a fresh glass for each wine you will try. A great option could be plastic wine glasses, this way you don’t have to get out your expensive wine glasses and it makes the clean up afterwards a lot easier.


The Party People have the perfect plastic wine glasses for your wine tasting party!

Such as these colourful neon glasses get a 20 pack for just $13.70



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Or these faux glass wine glasses, just $2.70 each!

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Hip and Hooray have gorgeous tableware, plastic cups and plates for your wine tasting at home! Such as these awesome cups and plates!


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If the best part of a wine tasting party is the wine, the second best part is the food. Whenever you’re serving alcohol at a party, it’s a good idea to present your guests with a spread of food that complement the beverage you’re serving. Why not hire a caterer if you dont have the time to prep all the delicious food? We recommend Bev’s Catering, based in Sydney, they can assist with a variety of aspects for your wine tasting including catering, cakes & beverage packages. They also cater for all dietary requirements, can travel within 100km of Sydney and we are able to adapt to any venue. Request some delicious food to go with wine and we are sure Bev can come up with some incredible food!





Flavours Catering are one of Sydney’s leading caterers, they are committed to delighting its clientele with inspiring flavours, innovative concepts and an unsurpassed level of service. Their experience, knowledge, resources and passion translate into truly special events with fabulous food. We think this antipasto & cheese spread would be perfect for your wine tasting at home and sure to impress your guests!




Tips for Wine Tasting At Home


Of course, to host a wine tasting party you need to know more than how to polish off a glass of wine. The below steps will help you experience each and every wine in a different way and you can discuss your favourites with each other!

Step 1: Look at it. Is the wine bright (light-bodied) or dark (full-bodied)? Clear (drink up) or cloudy (toss it)?

Step 2: Swirl your glass gently to release the wine’s aromas. Then put your nose deep into the glass (don’t be shy). Is it fruity? Floral? Herbal? Earthy?

Step 3: Hold the wine in your mouth while slowly inhaling air (you’ll make a slurping sound). It may feel odd, but the process aerates the wine and opens up your olfactory sense to enhance its flavors.

With your stations set up, your snacks ready to go and guests feeling comfy, you will have the makings for a perfect wine tasting evening with your girlfriends. It’s wine tasting made simple and fun! Enjoy! x