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Host a Victoria’s Secret Viewing Party

victoria's secret viewing party

Soon enough those long toned thighs, extremely rock hard abs and perky behinds will be strutting their stuff down the runway and gracing our TV screens. Not sure what we are talking about? The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, that’s what! It is our favourite time of year. I mean who isn’t obsessed with Adriana Lima or Lily Aldridge, after all they are most girls’ idea of perfection! The Angels are coming to the City of Lights for the first-ever Parisian Fashion Show! We love gathering around the computer screen to stream the show and we know how excited all our girlfriends get when the Victoria’s Secret show is set to air, (note to self dont make ANY dinner plans on December 6, 2016).  If your friends insist on seeing you on this amazing night of all nights, tell them they can come over for a special viewing of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show! That way it’s a win win situation, you get to watch the gorgeous angels strut their stuff down the runway without cancelling last minute on your girls! Plus, how fun does a Victoria’s Secret viewing party sound! We have the tips for how to host a Victoria’s Secret Viewing Party so read on!





Send out invitations to your girls so they know the most important evening is about to go down! Give out invitations in the shape of angel wings and get creative! You could also nickname each of your friends to their favourite Angel for the night. We shotgun Candice (even though she isn’t walking this year due to just giving birth!) We will miss this babe on the runway this year. But what an exciting time for her!




You could theme the viewing party to make it extra fun! This year the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is being held in Paris so a fun idea is to base your viewing party on a Paris theme. Also tell the girls to come dressed as their favourite Victoria’s Secret Angel or for less effort you could all wear your Pyjamas and a pair of fairy wings to get in the spirit! Another option is to buy some pink silk robes like the angels wear before they hit the runway! You could style your hair and make up just like the Victoria’s Secret Angels to feel even more glamorous. We recommend checking out Pinterest for some inspiration! Think long tossled waves and fresh dewy makeup with pink lips and highlighter and bronzer on those cheekbones! Check out these photos for some throwback inspiration from previous Victoria’s Secret shows!


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Games can make the VS Fashion show even more exciting (who knew that was possible, we can’t contain our excitement for this years fabulous show!) Our tip, add in some drinking games! Such as, every time an Angel blows a kiss, everyone takes a sip of their champagne! No Victoria’s Secret viewing party can be complete without drinking games!!


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Also don’t forget to get up and have a dance angel style when the performers come on. Who can forget how amazing Selena Gomez was last year! Maybe you can hand out prizes to the best dancers. With guest performances from Lady Gaga, The Weekend, and Bruno Mars it is sure to be one amazing show!




Watching these gorgeous Supermodels walk down the runway might make you wish that you won’t eat for a week, however a girls got to eat and what’s a party without delicious food!! As the show is being held in Paris this year create a Parisian feel with french inspired food. You could make cookies in the shapes of angels if you want to continue on with the theme! Make a fruit platter for the health conscious friends, have some cut up raw veggies and healthy dips! Popcorn, lollies, canapés or sushi are all great options! The show is usually showed during or close to dinner time so either have lots of snacky food or opt for more filling foods like canapes, sushi and sashimi.







Pop some bottles of champagne to get this party started angel style! You could also have a mini Cocktail bar with delicious flavoured cocktails for the girls.






Whats a Victoria’s Secret viewing party without cake and dessert? You can work with the Parisian theme, opt for macaroons! Another great dessert is pink iced cupcakes to be in theme with the VS Show theme colour of pink or a pink cake!







We are so excited this year because not only one, but two Hadid sisters will be strutting their stuff down the runway! We can’t wait to see Bella Hadid debut as an angel this year! To keep up with all the latest goss for this years show be sure to check out the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show website, it even has a live countdown to the show!



Who is your favourite angel and who are you most excited to see? In the Party Affairs office we can’t go past Lily Aldridge, Adriana Lima and of course the Hadid Sisters who are only newcomers to the scene! Enjoy your Victoria’s Secret viewing party! If you do host a Victoria’s Secret Viewing Party we would love to see your costumes and styling so please tag us on Instagram @partyaffairs! xx