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Summer Ice Cream Party

Summer ice cream party


The Australian Summer is in full swing, the sun is shining and the weather is hot, hot, hot. One of our favourite party themes here at Party Affairs in the Summer time is an Ice Cream Party, after all it is the perfect time of year to throw an ice cream party! An ice cream themed birthday party is not only popular with kids but adults too. Cool your guests down with fruity gelato and soft creamy ice cream in all sorts of summer flavours. Read on for a few tricks and treats for your next summer soiree…



First things first, make a guest lists and then send out invitations to your guests in the shape of ice cream cones to set the scene for the party. This will add a level of excitement when they arrive in the mail to your guests.

Summer ice cream party invitations





An ice cream party is such a fun DIY theme. We love these DIY ice cream balloon cones we found via Pinterest. Simply round some cardboard into a cone and top with a balloon to create an ice cream cone backdrop or your ice cream bar.


Summer ice cream party styling


Add some fun quotes or pictures we love this funny quote we found on Pinterest. This would look great at your ice cream party, sit it on the buffet.


Summer ice cream party quotes


Ice Cream Party Buffet Ideas


Create an ‘Ice Cream Buffet’ for your guests! Think of it like a drink station at a party, except this one is for ice cream! Decorate your ice cream bar or buffet with ice cream cones, a serving station with 100’s and thousands, marshmallows, coconut flakes, salted caramel sauce etc for ice cream toppings. Stock your buffet with ice cream party supplies including wooden or plastic ice cream spoons, cute napkins (for when the ice creams start to melt and drip down one’s hand in the summer heat!), ice cream cups and of course several flavours of ice cream or gelato. Toppings such as sprinkles, syrups, nuts, crushed cookies, coconut and whipped cream could also be included on the ice cream station for your guests to enjoy.

Summer ice cream party ice cream buffet ideas



Summer ice cream party ice cream buffet ideas 1


 Summer ice cream party ice cream buffet ideas 2



Ice Cream Flavours


We recommend having all sorts of yummy flavours to cater to your guests favourites such as vanilla, salted caramel, coconut & mango, and raspberry. We recommend having lots of light fruity options to pair with the creamier ice cream to combat the heaviness! Plus there is nothing better than a fruity gelato or sorbet on a hot summers day, go wild you don’t have to limit your ice cream bar to just ice cream! We also recommend including some vegan ice cream for those who can’t have dairy.


Summer ice cream party ice cream flavors


Ice Cream Cones


Get creative with your ice cream cones and decorate them for your guest. We love this marshmallow and chocolate dipped ice cream cones with 100’s and thousands.


Summer ice cream party ice cream cones


Vegan Ice Cream Recipe


Stuck for ideas? Check out these 16 delicious Vegan Ice Cream recipes from the Minimalist Baker. We especially love this Vegan Pistachio and Almond recipe and think it would be perfect for your guests on a hot Summer day!

Summer ice cream party vegan ice cream recipe


We hope you enjoy plenty of delicious ice cream this Summer with your friends. We would love to see your creations if you do host an Ice Cream Party- tag us on Instagram @partyaffairs.