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Kid’s Sleepover – A creative twist to the traditional Kids Party

Do you remember your first sleepover? Mine was with my best friend, building the ultimate fort, taking out flashlights to read scary stories, lusting over teen mags and and frantically waking up my parents because we were SURE ‘Freddy Krueger’ was out to get us! Wouldn’t it be nice to have your kids experience these unforgettable moments as well?

So now, we decided to jazz it up a bit and create a Pinterest worthy slumber party for just under $80!!! #Kmart #Kmartislife

A little set up we did that could inspire you for your kid’s next sleepover!

Number one priority is choosing the right teepee. Make sure that the teepee you choose gets the kids’ attention right away- has to be pretty and colourful! And of course, wide enough to fit at least two kids!

Throw all your furry pillows onto the ground to make the whole room look and feel comfy.

For final touches, add some plants as well because why not?! Plants always make everything better, right? 😛

If you wanna go big and add extra oomph for your kids, Sweet Dreams and Goodnight ( creates the most magical sleepover styling every kid would want! We can guarantee you that! From the tepees to the littlest details, they make sure everything is on point for the little ones!