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Entertainment Hire Around Australia

Entertainment hire around australia

Christmas, New Years, Weddings, backyard pool parties, birthday bashes! The holiday season is just around the corner! And what comes hand in hand with the holiday season you ask? Countless parties and events, of course! It’s safe to say we are more than excited! However, with all these upcoming events come endless hours of party planning. And unfortunately, the party planning process is usually not as easy as it may seem. Planning a party is stressful and difficult. There’s so much organising to do, and you’re stumped with what you need to organise next! Well, don’t get your panties in a knot, we’ve figured it out for you! Are you looking for that something extra to take your event from drab to fab?! Why not add some entertainment to your event, to give your party that extra something that it needs! From corporate functions to weddings to private parties – we’ve got you covered, the sky is the limit! Below are the few companies in Australia you need to be able to find that excitement your party is missing!



Josh Baker Events

Well first things first, we all know you need music to liven up the atmosphere at your event! Josh Baker Events can offer you a large range of sound and lighting. They will listen to you and your needs to suit your type of event and theme! What’s exciting is that they are the home of Baker Boy DJ – an up and coming DJ with placings at various nightclubs and venues! He has been highly recommended by married couples, who used Josh Baker Events services for their weddings, while also highly rated for parties, clubs and other events.

They service state wide for hire services and nationally for DJ services throughout Victoria. Click here for contact details and more information.

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Onstage Entertainment

Onstage Entertainment’s motto is – ‘you dream, we deliver’ – and they really mean it!

They will bring amazing, professional and skilled entertainment to your party, from live music, bands, celebrity speakers, comedians, DJs, MCs or novelty acts. They provide comprehensive event programming, venue consultation and on-site stage management. They service all types of events, corporate and private included.

Click here for more information, we promise you won’t be disappointed!



Alan Casey Entertainment

Servicing Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, Alan Casey Entertainment offer you the largest range of entertainment throughout Australia.

Some of their services include wedding entertainment, event entertainment, themed entertainment, bands, duos, DJs, Karaoke, Jukebox, musicians, entertainers, shows, acts, celebrities, comedians, characters, magicians, rides, fireworks, circus performers, dancers, and we could literally keep the list going, but you get the idea!

So whatever it is you need to keep your guests entertained, you can rely on Alan Casey Entertainment to provide the best and top of the line entertainment! Click here for contact information.

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Vulcana Women’s Circus

If you’re looking for something completely out of the ordinary, then Vulcana Women’s Circus is the company for you! They work with the circus traditions of inclusiveness, strength, excitement, and daring to transform and empower individuals and communities in a safe and playful environment. Their main value is women empowerment, believing this is essential in shaping our communities, in addition to holding cultural expression as another core value.

We are super intrigued by Vulcana Women’s Circus and highly recommend them to anyone who is searching for that extra WOW factor to add to your event or function. Entertainment is key!

They are available for adults or kids workshops, space/venue hire, group & private workshop bookings, performances, school workshops, corporate events and more. Click here to learn more.

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