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How to throw a Grown Up Sleepover Pyjama Party

How to throw a grown up sleepover pyjama party

Pyjama parties aren’t just for squealing teenage girls. Adults can host a Pyjama slumber too! PJ parties are a great way to reenact wonderful memories of youth or to just relieve some stress from our super busy adult lives. Now thats it’s getting colder what a better way to rug up in winter PJ’s and stay warm indoors whilst also catching up on the latest gossip with your girlfriends! Plus lets be honest, who actually enjoys going out clubbing and spending all your money on drinks, getting sore feet from sky high heels and waking up with a shocking hangover? Instead, think mani-pedis, champagne, cocktails, chick flicks, hair braiding, facials, pillow fights, magazine-flipping, crush declarations, pizza, ice cream, chocolate, lollies, games, truth or dare and so much more! We’ve found the best of the best for food, drinks, entertainment and all the goodies you need to throw a fun overnight party with your favourite ladies. Check out some of our ideas for a grown up sleepover pyjama party.


Grown Up Sleepover Pyjama Party Invitations


First things first, you will need to send out invitations for the Pyjama Party soiree!
We love these sleepover style invites we found via Pinterest and think they would be perfect for your guests to receive, invitations always set the tone for an event so make sure you pick something that will represent what your guests can expect. The eye mask invitations really hit the spot for our top pick.








Decorations & Styling


To be the hostess with the mostest, make sure you set up and style the sleeping quarters before your guests arrive! You could have PJ’s laid out on the end of the beds with an eye mask, mini toothbrush and toothpaste, slippers, and name cards so everyone has their own little sleeping area.

Whats a slumber party without sleeping bags! We love these adorable medallion sleeping bags from Urban Outfitters!

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Don’t forget pillows! We love this cute ‘Goodnight’ pillow we found via Pinterest! Or this I love Slumber parties pillow, available on Zazzle for $60.




Once the sleeping bags and pillows are set up add some goodies at the end of the bed for that special touch!

We love this ‘Sleeping Beauty’ eye mask from Annabel Trends for just $14.95!




A Pyjama party isn’t complete with a cute girlie PJ set! Check out Peter Alexander’s  amazing collection of trendy Pyjamas, who says PJ’s aren’t fashionable! Or get some Pyjama inspiration from these amazing looks we found via Pinterest!

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Decorate the sleeping quarters with the right touch of lighting and add some fairy lights! Make or buy some cute tee pees for the sleepover!




You are probably wondering what activities could keep a room of adult girls entertained? We can think of so many! Why not get your pamper on!  What girl doesn’t love to pamper herself? Whip out the OPI nail polish, facial masks, nail files, hairbrushes and hair accessories, make up and whatever your hearts desire! Its time to relax and do some make overs on each other!

Of course a ritual of all pyjama and slumber parties is to watch as any movies as possible and try oh so hard to be the last one to fall asleep or not fall asleep at all! Hop on Netflix and watch some fun flicks about girlfriends like Pitch Perfect, Mean Girls, Clueless, and The Sweetest Thing. Romance is always a good option, watch The Notebook, The Titanic or The Fault in our Stars (although make sure you have lots of tissues for these as there wont be a dry eye in the room!)

Another favourite past time of slumber parties is always a good session of Karaoke! Get that microphone and iPod cranking your favourite girly tunes like Beyonce, Katy Perry, Adele and throw it way back to the Spice Girls for a laugh.



Games will keep the guests entertained into the wee hours of the night and get the girls bonding in no time.

Think back to the days of Twister. Except now the first person to fall has to take a shot! This would be ridiculously fun, just make sure no one gets injured!

Play an oldie but a goodie, Truth or Dare! We know you and your girls would enjoy this one especially after one too many cocktails!



If you think back to the Pyjama parties we used to go to as kiddies, we are sure you would remember eating copious amounts of junk food. I mean what is a slumber party without delicious food?!

Your going to need lots of yummy treats to keep your guests happy and full all night long. Bev’s Catering can cater to your needs and deliver some delicious food to your home. If you want some fun food for your PJ party without doing all the hard prep work than Bev’s Catering are who you need to call, they cater for all dietary requirements and can travel within 100km of Sydney!




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You can’t have a slumber party without movies, right? Popcorn, lollies and chocolate are obviously an essential accompaniment, we like the idea of filling little bowls with each treat separately like your own little mini dessert buffet!



Another great option is a professional lolly bar, that way you wont go short of sweet treats.  Moly Styling Mad custom design and set up beautiful dessert tables for all events!  If you are after a visually stunning, personalised and yummy dessert table, and don’t want to lift a finger, Moly is the lady for you. Check out these amazing Lolly bars!

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If your slumber party is being held on a birthday Nancy’s Grovovy Cakes can create a delicious birthday cake for you. Even if it isn’t a birthday why not go all out and order a cake anyway, have your cake and eat it too, Sydneysiders!

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If you are based in Melbourne check out Lamanna Patisserie! Their cakes look so divine and are sure to impress your sleepover guests! Plus with all that extra comfy room in your PJ’s you can eat as much as you want , haha!


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Bring some fun to the party with some cocktails! If you want to add that extra wow factor why not contact Trolley’d. Trolley’d are a portable bar hire service servicing Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. They mix drinks sustainably from upcycled airline trolleys, using locally sourced organic, native Australian and foraged ingredients. They can turn up to your party and show you how to make their signature drinks and host cocktail classes! This would be a super fun activity for the girls, all you need to do is supply the base spirits and they will provide the party.

Their cocktails look delicious and it sure is a fun way to get the party going!


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We hope this post gives you lots of juicy ideas and inspiration so that you can host your very own grown up Pyjama Party!