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Balloon Garland Made Elegant

We always see balloons in every event. It’s not really a party without one…. or a few more 😉

There are different kinds of style when it comes to setting up balloons. You can base it on colour combinations, sizes, or whether you want them scattered all over the floor, or pumped with helium and letting them fly onto the ceiling.

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But now, we’re gonna show you a way to style your balloons with a classic twist! While still considering the colour choices!

Created by our new favourite designer Balloon Artique!

The classic style of a balloon garland made elegant- with the touch of blue, gray, white, yellow and pink colours.

Don’t be afraid to add a word balloon over your garland to mix things up. This time, we chose ‘Love’- because why not!

You could also set up a tassel garland and a bottle of champagne to finish the look!

This kind of balloon creation can be presented in any kind of formal events such as, weddings, christenings, or even a tea party!

Check out Balloon Artique’s profile for more amazing balloon decor!