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How To Host Oktoberfest Party

How To Host Oktoberfest Party

It’s Oktoberfest time! Oktoberfest is the largest beer festival of the year running from September 17 – October 3. Millions of dedicated people travel to Munich each year to join in on the celebrations. A tradition since 1810, it’s worth celebrating at least once in your life. We’ve exclusively partnered with The Party People to bring you true Bavarian-style party supplies and decorations, without sacrificing style. Get into the spirit with our guide on how to host Oktoberfest party at home. All you need to know is “Noch ein Bier, bitte” – (Another beer, please), after a while your beer googles will have transported you to Munich without debt for a wunderbar time.



The Party People have an impressive collection of Oktoberfest decorations for indoors and outdoors. Given their extensive range, these are our top tips and how we’d style them. Don’t forget to put your decorations away for next year. Or a fun idea could be your guests could take turn hosting Oktoberfest, already using the decorations you’ve got! It’s a great way to save some money too!

We love the blue and white fabric bunting, which retails for $22.80. The banner – pennant, Oktoberfest ($7.95) is also a fantastic option, with the iconic Oktoberfest print – it matches a lot of the table decorations. If it were us, we wouldn’t be able to decide between the two – so another option would be to layer them! The mismatching prints and solid buntings are complimentary to each other, not to mention on-trend.

Banner - Pennant, Oktoberfest 50948-BW

For those of you bold Oktoberfest fans, we’ve got just the thing for you. This Oktoberfest banner for $13.50 features beer and the iconic Oktoberfest pattern! Alternatively, for beer lovers, we think this “Beer Hall” banner will be right up your alley – especially if you’re recreating your very own bier garden.

Cutout - Beer Hall

There’s no need to have too many decorations happening, just enough to get into the Oktoberfest spirit. Adding some hanging honeycomb lanterns in varying shades of blue and white would be a complimentary addition to the bunting. If you decide that there’s too much going on already, you can always keep them for next time! Or another party. Our pick would be the diamond honeycomb lantern, which you can purchase here for $6.70 – they’re easy to re-use and could potentially fit other themed parties.


If you’re going all out, we absolutely adore the Festoon Lantern Kit in white and royal blue, it’s a 10 m string of white and royal blue paper lanterns including globes. Your guests will be so impressed.


Table Setting

Onto the table setting. First thing’s first – in our opinion you cant have an Oktoberfest party without the iconic Oktoberfest print of blue and white diamond checks on this tablecloth, a steal for $9.95. When it comes to the table setting, we would keep it simple with white plates and cutlery. You can purchase an entire collection of superior white plastic cutlery for $9 – with 25 spoons, forks and knives in each packet, and matching plates here. However, we could not go past the Oktoberfest themed Dessert/side plates($6.90) and matching cups ($4.50 for 8 cups) and coasters ($8.90 for 8). They compliment the white tableware without being too overwhelming when looking at the overall style of the table.

Coasters - Oktoberfest Cups, Oktoberfest DessertSide Plates, Oktoberfest

These beer mugs are also an alternative if you’re looking to replicate the traditional beer mug. They also flash when they’re lifted up. A flashy party trick!

You could also feature the German flag on the table, or simply wave them around. To decorate the table you could consider these cutout beer steins! They’re a festive and easy decorating idea.


Cutouts - Beer Steins



The easiest way to feel like you’re in Munich is to dress up! We recommend going all out and early sharing around the Oktoberfest Bavarian spirit.

Men’s Costumes

Your inner Bavarian will shine with this men’s Lederhosen costume for Oktoberfest! For $64.95 it includes the shorts, braces, top and hat.


Alternatively, the Karnival Bavarian man might speak to you! For $40.50 the costume includes lederhosen, shirt and hat.


If you’re not one for going all out but still want to join in on the fun, you might like this printed t-shirt. It’s designed to blend in with your skin and create the visual effect of a complete costume. Become an Oktoberfest bar tender in an instant! (Just add jeans).

srtnsrth srtnbsrtns

Women’s Costume

For the ladies that might be more fussier when it comes to choosing the right costume, you can view the entire range of Oktoberfest costumes for women here. But without any further ado, here are our top costume picks:

For $55.95 we love this Oktoberfest Dress, it’s simple and looks incredibly comfortable. Costume consists of a dress with attached apron.


Alternatively, for a cheeky costume, the Lil Miss Lederhosen costume is a winner. Costume includes suspender shorts and shirt with puffed sleeves.

Adult Costume - Lil Miss Lederhosen

The Hottie Heidi costume is so fun! It includes puff sleeves, corset top, skirt and lace pantie. If you’re bold enough to rock it, we say go for it!

Adult Costume - Hottie Heidi


If you’re a hat lover and want to accessorise your costume, look no further than this hat.



Food & Beer

Oktoberfest is a great time to tantalise your taste buds with a taste of Germany. If you are planning on keeping the theme of Oktoberfest, do some research into good food that is quick and easy to serve. A sample menu might include the following:

  • Sausages
  • Pickles
  • Cheese plates
  • Soft pretzels
  • Potato salads
  • Apple strudel
  • Kaiserschmarrn (a sugared pancake with raisins)
  • Meat on a spit.
  • Decorated gingerbreads

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Otherwise, you might find some more knowledge and help from a caterer. These days caterers aren’t just for large-scale events, now feeding small intimate gatherings.

Barbehire Catering in Sydney is your go-to company if you’re looking for meats on a spit and accompanying salads.

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Decadent Catering is inspired by European catering and customises each event and menu for each client. If you’re looking for a sit-down dinner that’s German inspired, and also need to cater for vegetarians or gluten free guests- they are your go-to caterer for Oktoberfest.


Beer – the standout companion to Oktoberfest is going to be the feature of your event. Oktoberfest beer differs from the beer you consume on your local night out at the pub. If you want to go all out, German beer is the way to go! with 6 million litres of beer said to be consumed worldwide – you know it has to be tasty!

There are strong regulations about brewing beer and how to keep up the high quality of the final product by choosing the ingredients very carefully. Hofbräu Oktoberfest Bier offers the real Oktoberfest experience. Check out your local liquor stores for your fix. Alternatively, Quick Bottle is an alcohol delivery service that delivers all types of beer to you! If you’re in Sydney or Melbourne, have beer delivered to you in under an hour. For first time customers, they offer 10% off.



Oompah music

German Oompah music is associated as an integral part of Oktoberfest. After all, there’s no such thing as a complete event without music. Often pop music makes an appearance too. Traditionally, the music fades in and out amongst the celebrations. As the night wares on and the music gets louder, people linking arms and swaying to the music brings on the unison feeling of a festival.

Beer Competitions

A beer stein race where guests must race to each side of the area, to make it more difficult you could even set up an obstacle course to complete with household items. The person with the most beer left is declared the winner.

Include a beer tasting element to your event – refer to our ‘Host A Beer Tasting Party‘ for more ideas!

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Let us know how your event goes by tagging us on Instagram @partyaffairs. Bring on the beer goggles.