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Guest Blog: 5 Mistakes People Make When Planning A Party

5 Mistakes People Make When Planning A Party

The Pumpkin Carriage Events are a Sydney based event planning and styling service offering bespoke dessert tables, stylish candy bar and venue styling. Their portfolio includes bridal showers, bridal kitchen tea, wedding ceremony and reception styling, milestone birthdays, baby showers, corporate functions and much more. This guest blog tells us the 5 biggest mistakes when planning a party, that people make, so you can plan an awesome bash without any hitches just in time for the Holiday season.


1. The Budget


When it comes to planning a party, there is no such thing as a right or wrong budget; the best budget is one that suits you. However it’s important to be realistic about what your budget can provide. With this in mind, there’s no reason as to why your party can’t be everything you had imagined whilst still keeping within your budget.




2. No Two Guests Are The Same


In the process of planning, it’s important to remember that no two guests are the same. You don’t want to spend time organising a fantastic party only to realise some guests and their needs have been neglected. Is there food for vegetarians? What about guests with allergies? Are there guests of different age groups attending – and have they all got the right entertainment? Make sure you cater to all your guests as best as you can.


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Whether your guests are 12 years old or 50 years old, it’s important you’ve got their needs covered.


3. Seating mistakes when planning a party


What type of event are you hosting? If it’s a cocktail party you need less seating but more space for guests to move around and mingle, and also occasionally put down their drinks for a moment. If you’re having a kid’s party don’t forget the parents and adults. Have they got somewhere to sit while the kids are entertained?



At this Indian High Tea we made sure there was a seat for every guest.

4. Props


Props are the perfect way to accessorise any event and give it that special touch. But don’t forget about that budget you set earlier! If you require a large prop you have to consider the shipping costs, manpower and time to put it together.


jungle-130 jungle-142


At this Young, Wild & 3 party, we had a combination of bigger props and balloon equivalents.


5. Your Time, Effort & Money


Planning an event can be exciting but it also means a lot of time, effort and possibly unexpected costs. Being a party planner means that we’ve done our research. We’ve sourced the best vendors in the industry and know where to go to make sure you get exactly what you need – minus the hassle, stress and costly surprises.


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Making your own strawberry tower or floral drip cake might seem like a great DIY project but calculating strawberry to flower ratios, and the process of putting it all together can be time consuming and costly. Leave it to the professionals so that your only worry is eating it!


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