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How much do you really spend planning a kid’s birthday party?

Planning a kids birthday party

Gone are the days when a cake, ice cream and game of “pin the tail on the donkey” were enough for a fun kids birthday party. In this day and age, with social media in the mix showcasing extravagant, luxurious over the top parties – low-key get togethers are not the norm anymore. With the pressures of social media, peer pressure and not wanting to disappoint your children when you see the parties their peers have – it’s easy to spend a significant amount of money planning their birthday parties.

We came up with a few of the typical birthday events parents put on for their kids to compare associated costs:

1-Hosting the kids birthday party at home


ideas for hosting a kids party at home


“Hosting your own party at home can be fun for some parents and challenging for others. For 15 guests, you can expect to pay between $741 and $1303.  This price range allows for a children’s entertainer and eight hours spent planning and setting up and two hours cleaning, as well as all the food, party bags and accessories required,” William Sammuri, Educational Expert at the Wannabees Family Play Town.



2a-Hosting the party in an indoor play centre


kids party in an indoor play centre

You might chose this option if you would want everything taken care of. There are different indoor play centres such as bowling venues, sport centre, laser tag centre, and many more. We spent a bit of time online and had a look through about 10 different indoor play centres in Sydney to have an idea of the different fees. The prices can range from $399 to $540 for a base package with 15 kids.


2b-Hosting the party at a community hall

kids party in a community hall

A community centre is a public location where people from the community tend to gather for social purpose. It’s pretty easy to hire a hall for three hours and the cost is usually between $120 and $200. In addition to that, you will have to add the cost of a children’s entertainer, around eight hours of planning and setting up, and two hours of cleaning – plus food, party bags and accessories. By the end of it you’re most likely be looking at a cost of between $861 and $1503 for 15 kids.


3-Hosting the party at home with a Ultimate Party Kit

ultimate kids party theme kit

Ultimate kids party super hero theme kit

ultimate kids party pink theme kit
We have partnered up with Party Kit Co to create 3 themed party kits for a children’s birthday party, which you can think of as your “party planner in a box”. We have two different sizes available, petite (up to twelve guests) and regular (up to 24 guests). Let’s take the regular sized kit for this comparison, which has products for 24 kids, which is 9 more guests than in option 1 and 2. The price of the regular sized kit is $299. This kit includes tableware, treat bags, balloons, themed decorations, invitations and more. All there is left to buy is food!

If you want to keep the additional cost of food down, you can always host your party in the afternoon and serve afternoon tea, which for the sake of our comparison, could approximately be $50. Cakes can be a costly expense, ranging from approximately $50 to hundreds of dollars -depending upon the type of cake you’re after. Irrespective to this, for 24 children, the total price would range from $399 to $749.

You also have the opportunity to turn the Ultimate Party kits into a costume party! You would only have to pay for a costume for your own kids. This will also work perfectly with the kit as themed props are available to compliment the theme. For example, the superhero kit has brightly coloured eye masks for each gust – which would compliment any superhero themed outfit. The fairy princess kit comes with tiaras and the Alice in Wonderland kit has Alice headbands for each guest.

There you go! You’re all set for party success! Remember not to stress, ask for help if needed, and have a good time.