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DIY Ice cream Sundae Bar

DIY ice cream Sundae bar

Even though it’s chilly outside, ice-cream is a delicious sweet food that we always want to eat, no matter the weather. If you’re hosting an event and looking to add a creative flare, constructing your own DIY ice cream Sundae bar is the perfect easy way to do that. Guests love the thrill of being able to customise their own sundae to perfection. It’s a win-win, your guests are happy and you look like a party throwing goddess!

Catering for those with food intolerances is super easy with a DIY sundae bar. Think lactose free ice-cream, sorbets or go all out and make your own ice-cream flavour! There’s so many recipes and the options are endless.


Arguably, the toughest decision you’re going to face is how to serve your ice-cream and display your buffet. We recommend using clear containers for each of the toppings, it looks cleaner and it’s easier for guests to see inside. Hip & Hooray has gorgeous Mini French Apothecary Jars come with a lid in a set of 4 or 12 that you can purchase here.

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Secondly, do you want to get waffle cone bowls your guests can eat? Or use disposable ice-cream cups to make the clean up easier? We love these gorgeous striped hot pink ice-cream cups from Ruby Rabbit Partyware, you can purchase them here for $13.95 for a pack of 8. Match the cups with these quirky ice-cream spoons for $12 and you’re good to go!

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Essentials for a DIY Ice Cream Sundae Bar


Ice cream – traditional vanilla always gives well with a range of toppings. And of course chocolate can never be ignored for the chocolate lovers out there.

Whipped cream – what’s a sundae without it?!

An ice-cream scoop

Bowls + Spoons for each guest

Glass containers for toppings





Berries (Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries)

Caramel Sauce


Toasted almonds

Gummy bears


Jelly beans


Crushed oreos

Melted chocolate

Chocolate chips



Check out the images below we found from Pinterest for some inspiration for your DIY Sundae bar.


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Voila, your very own ice-cream sundae bar. We hope you and your guests enjoy your delicious sundaes with some chick flicks in Pjs!