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Ultimate Hen’s Party Kit

Ultimate hen’s party kit

We all know putting together a Hen’s Party can be a nightmare. From budget issues, finding “unique” supplies that aren’t male genitalia, or bright pink tiaras, or deciding where to go eat… drama drama drama. We’ve got a little solution to this problem, our Ultimate Party Kit (your party planner in a box) made in collaboration with The Party Kit Co! We wanted to stop all the bridesmaid dramas and make planning a Hen’s extravaganza as sassy, classy and stress-free as possible for a sophisticated pre-drinks and canapés event, cocktail party at home or girls night-in party.

Firstly, you can’t have a Hen’s party without sending off the invitations, you can find these black and gold invites in the kit. Email them, or print them – but either way, it’s a great way to send off to the invited ladies so they can keep all the details in one space.

Ultimate hen’s party kit black and gold invites in the kit
It’s always good to keep things juicy and happening at a Hen’s which is why we thought to include some girly activities, and of course, a CLASSY sash for your gorgeous Hen in elegant black and gold. But then, we didn’t want to leave you bridesmaids hanging, we’ve got gorgeous metallic “bride tribe” tattoos too (yes, of course they’re temporary – you don’t think we’d want to permanently mark this event in your mind do you? Well, not us, but maybe your bride). Now, onto the activities, we’ve got a scavenger hunt and truth or dare cards! You’ll be giggling all night long (and not just from the champagne).

Ultimate hen’s party kit a classy sash for your gorgeous hen in elegant black and gold

Ultimate hen’s party kit gorgeous metallic “bride tribe” tattoos

Typically, the most important part of a Hen’s party is the drinks…we’ve got disposable champagne flutes and Soda Press Co. syrups included in the kit. Use the syrups to host your own cocktail making class, or add them to champagne to be the sophisticated ladies you are. We know nobody wants smeared lipstick, so we’ve got you covered with straws and of course shot glasses for you cheeky bridesmaids out there!

Ultimate hen’s party kit disposable champagne flutes and soda press co syrups straws

Ultimate hen’s party kit disposable champagne flutes and soda press co syrups shot glasses

So onto re-creating a Hen’s vibe at your location.. we’ve got balloons and a metallic gold gem garland – get creative with your space. Balloons can be centrepieces instead of flowers!

Onto the tableware, black is simple, sleek and works with any type of food, we suggest canapés and cupcakes (we’ve got gold gem cupcake toppers inside the kit to match the decor). Matching gold confetti napkins and clear party cutlery complete the tableware setting.

Ultimate hen’s party kit gold gem cupcake toppers

Our Ultimate Hen’s Party Kit is available for 12 or 24 guests. See below for details on what exactly is included in the box.

Ultimate hen’s party kit details on what exactly is included in the box