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Hosting an Adults Halloween Party

Hosting an Adults Halloween Party

We hope you liked our Hosting an Kids Halloween Party Guide that we uploaded recently, giving you plenty of ideas to try out at your kids Halloween party this year. But what about those who don’t have kids but still want to get involved in this American tradition? The team at Party Affairs made sure to include everyone in the festivities this year (and what better excuse to throw ourselves a party)! In this instalment, we cover the best decorations, props, food & drink, and costumes to have when hosting an adults Halloween party. Teaming up with The Party People once again to share their exclusive Halloween products from their online store. Don’t forget that they ship both across all Australia and internationally too!

Decorations & Props

We wanted to get a little gruesome with our Halloween theme. So our first step was to disguise our location with a bloody backdrop. Each roll has 1.22 meters, so it can cover most of your setting, and only costing $ 33 for the whole roll. If you have left overs – re-use them next year!

Next was organising the right props to match the theme.

-Animated Strobing Skull, purchase it here for $40.


-Butchers clever, this is such a versatile prop. From decor to costumes, it can be used anywhere. Buy it here for $6.95


Animated arm with sound (as featured above). Retails for $16.50.


Black and white roses. These retail for approximately $2.20.


The Party’s Here have a fabulous range of balloons for any occasion. We wanted balloons to fit in nicely with our theme, we opted for large 90cm black balloons, which looks great with fishing wire if you want a floating balloon effect. DD Brand, who specialise in balloon tails created these fabulous Halloween inspired purple and black balloon tassels for us to add to the balloons for a luxe effect.


-Syringe pens – These can make a great take-home gift for your friends to use as a pen, be we thought adding them to our food proved to be quite clever. Buy them here for $3.50.

Bones – These bones are also super easy to re-use and are a steal for $4.60!


Along with some of our props, we set our table with the black disposable tablecloth ($4.50) and Plates and Serviettes Blood Print set, which is a packet of 10 plates and matching napkins for $4.95, also supplied by The Party People. We added in orange disposable cutlery to go with the theme.

Skull cups as used in the kids shot also made an appearance, each cup is $5.95 each and comes with a straw.


Food Ideas when Hosting an Adults Halloween Party

All of our food on the Halloween shoot was prepped in house, aside from the cookies by Sweetcheeks Cookies & Cakes. Danielle from Sweetcheeks specifically designed these spooky gravestones, ghosts, haunted houses and cobwebs for our shoot, and they taste even better than they look. Danielle takes great pride and enjoyment in creating custom cookies, cakes and cupcakes, so have a chat to her about your theme and she will be happy to cater to it. Gluten free and vegan cookies are available upon request.



We didn’t have a cake at this particular shoot because we wanted to do something a little different. We all love donuts (maybe a little too much), so we opted for a donut cake. It’s simple to make, just purchase your favourite flavoured donuts and drizzle melted dark chocolate over the top. A simple solution that doesn’t break the bank!


We also used the leftover melted chocolate to dip fresh strawberries into. This is the perfect combination, trust us!

Serving snacks such as popcorn, lollies, vege crisps, devilled eggs, hummus and carrot sticks are also great for guests to nibble on throughout the party.

img_8154 img_8159


To keep your guests from turning into skeletons, filling them up with a healthy roasted pumpkin salad is just what they need. We made ours by picking Halloween themed coloured veggies and adding quinoa and black bean spaghetti into the mix.



We took the tableware setting as an opportunity to get crafty with the props, using the syringe pens in the hummus, black rose leaves in the veggie chips as garnish and of course the chopped arm as decoration.


Being an adult means you can be a little more experimental and creative when choosing drinks. We made our own fresh sangria with pomegranate juice, blood oranges plus a few other not-so traditional ingredients, and it being a red drink meant that it fits right in with the bloody theme. If you’re hosting a big bash in Sydney, look no further than Hayati’s Mobile Bartending. They travels to the location of your event and bring their expertise in creating artistic cocktails, mixing drinks all the while creating an amazing atmosphere for all people to enjoy!




The Party People have so many costumes to choose from when it comes to Halloween. When it comes to females, we’re modelling our top picks.


Dead Eye Dolly Costume – $76

Costume includes dress, collar and bow headband. The stockings can be purchased here for an extra $9.95. The wig is also an additional purchase for $13.90, and is so much fun!
img_8188 img_8191 img_8193

Till Death Do Us Part, Zombie Bride – $64.95.

Costume includes a dress, veil and bouquet. If you’re after the zombie make up, you can purchase a kit here for $4.80.

img_8239 img_8200 img_8197

Prom Nightmare – $59.90

This costume consists of blood covered dress, bloody wig and a slip. For some extra gore, we added the Knife Through Head for $3.50.

img_8204 img_8215

Other Ideas

This was just our take on a fun Halloween party, but there are so many options to explore. We suggest having some scary movies rolling in the background, or playing some spooky music. There’s nothing as good as Michael Jackson’s Thriller to get you in the mood.

Don’t forget to place your order with The Party People quickly before your favourite Halloween costumes and props run out! If you’re throwing your own bash, please tag us on Instagram @partyaffairs! Take a peak at the rest of our images for some inspiration.

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