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DIY Champagne Bar

DIY Champagne bar

A champagne bar can add that wow factor to your event! If you’re planning the drink menu at your upcoming wedding, or maybe your organising your friends bridal shower consider this fun twist: a DIY champagne bar! A DIY Champagne bar is a great, surprisingly low-effort way to impress your guests just make sure to have lots of delicious bubbly, fruit juices, and frozen fruits for a DIY station guests will love! Perfect for weddings, bridal showers, or engagement parties, this concept is easy to do and is a fun twist to an otherwise traditional drink bar. Read on to see our tips for creating your very own DIY champagne bar!

DIY Champagne Bar Decorations & Accessories


Its all about the styling and look of the Champagne Bar. Fill it with decorative signs and really make it stand out.

We love this ‘Champagne Bar’ sign from Sugarlicious Parties. Sugarlicious Parties is a Sydney based and also online boutique party store, selling bespoke party decorations, accessories, cake toppers & foil prints.

champagne bar bunting gold glitter


Ice buckets are a great addition to a Champagne Bar!  You could get creative and add flower petals to your ice and fill a cute bucket with these and add a Champagne bottle.

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Make a toast and celebrate with these great Champagne Flutes with Gold Bases from Costume Box. Each flute holds 125ml and measures 16.5cm x 7cm / 6.5in x 2.75in, and features a frosted pattern of a grape vine elegantly wrapped around the glass. Perfect for your Champagne Bar! Available for just $21.99.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 2.08.26 pm


We love this Champagne Cheers Glass Foil Balloon. The perfect decoration for a DIY Champagne Bar! Available for just $16.99 from Costume Box.


Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 2.10.36 pm

Add one of these colourful swizzle sticks to your drink from this 100 pack of Champagne Swizzle Sticks in assorted colours. These funky champagne shaped drink stirrers can pimp up your champagne bar! Available for just $15.99 on Costume Box.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 2.10.59 pm

Any reason to celebrate is enough for the Celebrate Champagne Bottle Foil Balloon. This is a fantastic decoration for your Champagne Bar. A black marker pen can be used to personalise messages on the blank area of the champagne bottle. Available $9.99 from Costume Box.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 2.11.32 pm

Select which Champagne to Serve


Vicky from Shorty’s Liquor has kindly answered the following 5 questions on tips for selecting and serving Champagne at a Champagne Bar party! Read on to get the best tips from what brand of Champagne to what food you should serve with Champagne

1. What are your top Champagne recommendations and why?

Our top selling champagne is G.H.Mumm Cordon Rouge NV – the quality of this house style  is exceptional, consistent and very affordable for functions. The style is very approachable, fresh and fruit driven with citrus, stone fruits and fresh apple.

Veuve Clicquot is another top selling Champagne. Probably Australia’s largest champagne brand and is associated with luxury and style. This house blend screams quality in the glass with its lush creamy texture, fine bead, aromas of brioche, apple and almond followed by a remarkable freshness.

Our staff favourite is Ruinart Blanc de Blancs NV. Hailing from the oldest Champagne House in France dating back to 1829 steeped in a history and passion for Chardonnay. Blanc de Blancs translates to meaning from white grapes only and in the Champagne region the only white grape allowed to be used is Chardonnay.  The Champagne commands a premium price point as it is made from the best Chardonnay grapes, is full of citrus freshness while also having a luscious rich palate. Often described as liquid gold!


2.  What should hosts look for in a Champagne when choosing their selection?

In terms of what to look for it depends on why you are purchasing. Many people look towards big brands that people recognise as being associated with expense, and this is often to impress. There are also what’s called House Styles and these are usually non-vintage champagnes. Non-vintage means that they use wines produced from many different vintages, and the reason they do this is to create a consistent wine style each year. It will be youthful and fresh displaying apples, pears and hints of brioche. This is the most popular style that people purchase and enjoy and understand is Champagne.

There are strict rules in Champagne for what grapes are used and how the wine is made.  One of the rules is that Pinot Noir, Pinot  Meunier and Chardonnay are the only grapes types you can make Champagne from and most styles are made from all 3. If you see Blanc de Noir then it is only made from the black grapes of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. If the label says Blanc de Blancs them it is only made from the white grape Chardonnay.

Another thing you should look out for is vintage to non vintage Champagne. Vintage means that only the wine from grapes picked in a specific year are allowed to be used. Vintage Champagnes are usually only produced in very good years when the grape quality is very high. They express unique characters of the vintage and often cellared for longer before release. They are often quite different to a non-vintage style with more complexity and a finer bead.

Rose Champagne is also delicious and is becoming more popular in Australia on the back of the Rose Wine revolution. It often displays strawberry and red fruit characters with the creamy yeast back palate. It can often be a refreshingly dry strawberries and cream

3. How do you recommend hosts serve/style the Champagne at a Champagne Bar?  Champagne is best served chilled between 8-10 degrees Celsius, and in an ice bucket making sure there is a water slurry so that all of the bottle is kept chilled. Only open as and when required. There is a great theatre/sound in popping a bottle of bubbles. There are great bottle styles, coloured labels that will make the champagne bar look stylish. We also have a champagne styles that was launched by Moet et Chandon 2 years ago which is designed to be served over ice. It is a little sweeter and comes in a white bottles. Great fun and something a bit different. View it here.

Champagne bottles also come in many different sizes on top of the standard 750ml bottle. A Magnum is a 1.5L bottle and is very impressive while you can get a Jeroboam which is a 3L bottle. Great to open when you have a party and look very impressive.

4. What food would you recommend be served with Champagne?  Champagne is amazing with sushi and sashimi, any shellfish and oysters. Canapes would be ideal with Champagne as they can be delicate in flavour and what a great way to incorporate some caviar luxury. Desserts and chocolate are also a great match.

5. Do you have another tips for people hosting an event with a Champagne Bar? Champagne is associated luxury, style and decadence. Make sure you treat yourself and have great Champagne and great food.

DIY Champagne Bar Inspiration


Of course, if you haven’t created a DIY Champagne Bar before it might be a little hard to image just what it looks like. Or maybe you just need some inspiration! Check out these images below for some amazing inspiration. Remember to get creative, invite guests to make their own cocktails with champagne and fruit juice (like orange juice, cherry, or pomegranate). Don’t forget frozen fruit like raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. YUM!





We hope these ideas give you some inspiration for creating a DIY Champagne Bar! Enjoy your special event and if you do create a DIY Champagne Bar, then tag us on Instagram @partyaffairs.  Or if you have you created a DIY Champagne Bar before comment below and tell us how you styled it and was it a hit with all your guests? Cheers!