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10 Creative ways to ask your girls “Will you be my Bridesmaid?”

10 Creative ways to ask your girls - Will you be my Bridesmaid

Selecting who will be in your bridal party is one of the biggest decisions of your wedding. Think of who has been there for you and supported and encouraged you throughout your life, that you love and adore, and who you want by your side as you marry the man of your dreams. The key to asking your girls “will you be my bridesmaid” is not to rush in too soon after getting engaged. The reason being is, you may think you want 12 bridesmaids, but as you begin to plan your wedding you may see that twelve is way too much and you’re better off with three. You may even want to wait to see how many groomsmen your fiancé wants to have and come up with a joint number together.

You also want to make sure you are picking your best, supportive friends as your Bridesmaids will be the ones there for you when wedding planning gets stressful, so pick wisely as you want friends who are going to be there to help make your wedding planning and special day stress free!

Once you have selected who you want to pop the “Will you be my bridesmaid” question to, it’s time to get creative and think of a thoughtful way to ask them! That is where we step in with our 10 creative ways to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids!


1. Will you be my Bridesmaid boxes


Perhaps the most trendy way to ask your bridesmaid to stand by your side! We have seen a huge popularity of bridesmaid boxes around on social media. If you dont have time it would be a great idea to order your bridesmaid boxes online however we think it’s much cuter to create your own DIY Bridesmaid boxes, this way your bridesmaids will see how much thought has gone into the gift, if you have the time!




2. Personalised Wine Bottle Label


If a favourite past time with you and your girls involves a glass or two of vino (or a bottle, we aren’t judging you!) then giving her a wine bottle with a personalised wine bottle label asking her to be your bridesmaid is very fitting! Select her favourite wine and invite her over for some drinks and surprise her with her personalised wine bottle! After she says yes you can open the bottle and celebrate, laugh and cry together! We love Celebrate with Avery for creating all things gift tags! With their design and print online software you can go online and choose from pre-designed templates or create your own design and print from the comfort of your own home. You can save your designs and print them off as you need them too.




3. Flowers and a Card

You can’t go past flowers and a beautiful card. Simple and understated yet girly and thoughtful, it really is a sweet way to ask her to stand by your side for the big day!

We recommend Petite Flowers by Angela for a bouquet to blow your Bridesmaid’s away!





4.Cupcakes, Cookies, Cakes and Chocolates!


Dessert is the way to every girls heart so why not ask your bridesmaids in the form of cupcakes, cookies or mini chocolates! You could spell out with “Will you be my Bridesmaid?” to really create an eye catching sugar treat for your bridesmaids! We love Sweetcheeks Cookies & Cakes, Danielle and her team create specially designed custom cakes, cookies and cupcake favours for all occasions, contact them today! They can even cater for vegan desserts! We guarantee your Bridesmaids will love them!



5. Personalised Candle and a Bridesmaid Sash


Make your own soy candles and box with a cute label with a cute quote such as “I can’t say I do without you!”


Throw in a cute ‘Bridesmaid sash’ from Whimsy Chuffed. We love these bridesmaid sashes in black, white and pink! The sash comes with a gold acrylic pin to keep the sash in place. The pin can be easily moved to make the sash tighter or looser.


img_5333_large sash-maid-blackgold_large sash-maid-ivorygold_large


6. Fortune Cookie


A fortune cookie is a fun and different way to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids! Wrap it up in a cute box and name tag! Once she opens the fortune cookie and sees the question the tears of joy are sure to start!





7. Engraved Photo Frame with a recent Photo

Give your bridesmaids each a Photo Frame engraved  with “Will you be my Bridesmaid?” and include a recent super cute photo of the two of you together! This is a simple and sweet way to ask your bridesmaids to stand by your side, plus it is a beautiful gift they can keep.




8. Pop a Confetti Balloon

This is a really fun way to surprise your bridesmaid with the question! Simply place the question “Will you be my Bridesmaid?” on a piece of paper inside the Confetti Balloon and let her pop the balloon the reveal the big surprise! Have the question on paper inside the Balloon and let each bridesmaid pop her balloon to find the surprise question inside. Ruby Rabbit have confetti balloons we think would be perfect for popping with your bridesmaids!






9. Make a Bridesmaid Survival Kit

A bridesmaid survival kit is a super cute present for your girls! Pack them up with lip gloss, fresh mints, hair ties, bobby pins and lip balm! This will last them through the wedding celebrations to come and it is a super cute gift to ask them to be your bridesmaid!




10. Will you be my Bridesmaid Jewellery


We are sure your bridesmaids would feel the love with some beautiful jewellery! And just as your fiancé popped the question with a shiny new piece of jewellery you can do the same for your girls!




What ways have your asked your girlfriends to be your bridesmaid? We would love to know! Comment below and let us know how you popped the big question to your bridesmaids!