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How To Host a Superhero Party with The Ultimate Party Kit

How to host a superhero party

Pop! Boom! Kaboom! It’s time to save the world. Throw a Superhero Birthday Bash with all your favourite superhero characters and our Ultimate Themed Party Kit to match any Superhero you can think of. Batman, Wonderwoman, Spiderman or Batgirl… the possibilities are infinite! Superheroes aren’t just for boys anymore, girls are just as into crime-fighting and super-powers! Throwing a birthday party doesn’t have to be time consuming or stressful, our party kits are your party planner in a box – everything is ready for you to go, just add food and costumes. Stress no more about how to host a superhero party. All your Superhero party essentials are included in our kit: plates, cups, napkins, cutlery and don’t forget the fun extras like chevron paper straws and fun superhero themed erasers for each party guest. We have petite kits (12 people) or regular kits (24 people) available for purchase. See below for a breakdown of what is included in each kit. Read on to see how to be a hero for a day, and keep in mind our party planning formula: Ultimate Party Kit + Food + Venue + Costumes = an unstoppable heroic party!




Invitations set the tone and theme for any event. Your guests know what’s expected of them and it’s your first chance to shine as a host. We wouldn’t want you to look anywhere else for an invitation to match the kit, or lose the strong powerful sentiment of superheroes, so we teamed up with Bonjour Berry to include printable invitations. These invitations can be customised, all you need to do is complete the party details before you check out and voila! 48 hours later you’ll get your invitation delivered to your inbox! There’s also an option for your invitations to be printed, however additional fees do apply.



Location & Style

Superheroes run wild, so unsurprisingly, we opted to host our bash outside. This way the kids have enough space to roam around. In the event of rainy weather, if your courtyard has a sheltered section, you could move the party in – if not, apply the same principles of setting up our party appropriating it indoors. For example, you could put the balloon arrangements in the corner and set up the tablecloth on the floor for the kids to play on.


Setting up our superhero party in a courtyard was such a breeze using the kit. Since everything is already pre-matched and colour coordinated – there’s not much to setting the decorations up other than choosing where to place them! It’s always good to make use of the allocated area you’re happy for the kids to play around in. We hung the Superhero bunting in the courtyard and scattered the balloon arrangements around the area, it’s always fun to decorate the table where the food is, lets face it, that’s how Superhero’s get their energy! Since we had trees to make use off, we decided to twine the streamers through the trees – an easy way to brighten the area up and prevent the kids from trying to be Spiderman and climb them! To decorate the table and bring out the colours of the food, we placed the red tassels along the table. This trick also photographs really well.

IMG_7328 IMG_7326

Much like setting up the decorations, there’s no thought process involved when setting up the tableware. Simply use the white tablecloth provided, (having a white canvas is the best choice when working with prime colours) splatter the confetti everywhere and set the table! We also used this stunning white cupcake tower from The Party People. It’s such a versatile piece, you might have spied it in our Ultimate Alice Tea Party Kit too! The fact it is indeed a birdcage feature didn’t disrupt our Superhero vibe at all – it helps that the cupcake tower is white, so it blended in and still is an outstanding feature on its own and can be re-used, which is awesome! You can purchase it here for $34.90.


As you can see from the images, the kids absolutely loved the Superhero themed tableware! The black and white chevron straws were a great addition to the kit, we loved how they didn’t compete with the pop of colours, but add an extra layer of fun and patterns. Since we had so much yummy food covering the “hero” themed plates – take a peak at what they look like below.





Everyone loves dressing up to their favourite superhero, and feeling themselves transform into that unstoppable, powerful character before their very eyes. For boys, there’s spiderman, avengers, batman.. the list is endless. However, superheroes aren’t just for boys anymore – with a range of strong powerful female characters – girls can enjoy being Wonderwoman, Batgirl, or Supergirl!


Our superheroes picked out these fabulous Supergirl Deluxe Girls costume for $55 from Costume Box. This costume was a great steal, featuring the dress, attached cape and matching boot tops and a gold belt to complete the look. The girls definitely felt like they could run at the speed of lightning. Click the link to see more details or purchase.


Our Superman picked out this awesome Deluxe Superman Costume from The Party People – all our little guy wanted to do was fly in this costume! Costume included muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops, cape and moulded belt. Purchase it here for $55.


Included in our Ultimate Party Kit are these coloured eye masks (yellow, black, blue and red) for each guest to compliment their costumes and take home in their party bag. (It also works as an accessory for anyone who didn’t come dressed up).



Food & Drink

Food is the standout to any party – even for kids. Although, pleasing kids is far easier than pleasing adults! With a sugar rush being inevitable, it’s always a good idea to serve some healthy food options that also cater to any kids with dietary requirements. Instead of soft-drinks, we opted to serve fruit infused water – it looks pretty and tastes pretty great too! Getting kids to eat food that’s good for them often requires great presentation skills, or bribery. To get around that, we went with the following menu:


  • Cheese and crackers
  • Carrots and Dip (Hummus and Guacamole)
  • Vegemite and nutella sandwiches
  • Superhero cupcakes
  • Superhero cookies
  • Superhero marshmallows
  • Themed cake
  • Fruit skewers
  • Lollies

IMG_7313 IMG_7312


IMG_7310 IMG_7378

Since our kit provides cupcake wrappers and cupcake toppers, we thought it would be a great idea to put them to use. We also wanted a way to decorate the cupcakes and also match the theme. That’s where CustomIcing’s edible images come in. They custom make edible images to any theme or design, an amazing concept for anyone that has a specific Superhero or cake decoration in mind. The best news is that they ship Australia wide and fast. They’re super easy to use too, and take up no time at all to do. All you have to do is bake your cupcakes in the provided cupcake wrappers, make the frosting and pop them on! Make sure you follow the instructions that CustomIcing provide along with some hints and tips for achieving your desired cake decoration. Here’s a close up of the edible images that we received:



The fabulous Sweetcheeks Cookies and Cakes created these custom Superhero themed cookies. They were quite a hit. Since we wanted the cookies to match the theme, all we had to do was send off images of our kit (as everything is already pre-matched and coordinated) so the talented bakers could decide how to best match the theme. And an impressive job they did! Sweetcheeks Cookies and Cakes ship Australia wide and can cater to a variety of dietary requirements.


A cake is a great way to match the theme to a party, and let the personality and favourite  characters of the lucky birthday girl or boy shine! Our Superhero cake was made by the fabulous G How Sweet in Sydney. It features all our favourite Superhero’s in their habitat – you’ve got Superman flying, Spiderman scaling buildings and Batman running! For those of us that can’t decide who our most treasured Superhero is, this cake is the one. And how awesome are our themed Superhero birthday candles that also come included in the kit?!


IMG_7356 IMG_7332

Party Bags

When it comes to a themed party and party bags, it can often be hard to figure out what to put in them. Wanting to pay tribute to a theme, and of course give the kids something they like is hard. We’ve done the hard yards for you – our kit includes various coloured superhero masks, Avenger rubbers and Avenger notepads. All to be placed in our black and white treat bags sealed with a red sticker.

IMG_7345 IMG_7385 IMG_7363

The kids were worn out by the end of the party, all that flying and crime-fighting got the best of them! It was really satisfying pulling off an awesome party with such a small budget, and still being able to see the excitement in the kids faces! Our team at Party Affairs, along with the team at The Kit Source both know how time precious life can be, especially juggling family, work and friends all at the same time! So our main goal when putting this kit together was to make sure the Ultimate Superhero Kit makes you shine like the supermum or superdad that you are! Buy your Ultimate Superhero Party Kit here.