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The Party’s Here: How To Use Party Balloons For Your Event

How To Use Party Balloons For Your Event

Balloons and parties are bigger than they’ve ever been and it can often be stressful trying to create an event that is memorable and unique, while also being affordable. With some research and a little creative thinking, you can have the party that you’ve always imagined. There are many different aspects to consider, including but not limited to invitations, decorations, games and bonbonniere. Party balloons are so versatile that they can be used in all of these events to add that little special something!


Why not have some latex balloons custom printed with some details of your event? Attach the balloon to your invitation card and you’re ready to go. No need for pricey detailing like diamantes and lace, some string is all you need!
How to use balloons for your event invitations


What a fun way to make an announcement or ask a question! A balloon in a box, whether it be a small air filled balloon or a larger helium balloon, will definitely make an impact. Include a message inside & the recipient can pop the balloon to read it. It can be a DIY job or you can contact your local party store to create these & deliver them for you. Some popular questions placed inside balloons include “Will you be my bridesmaid?” or “Will you be my godmother?”
How to use balloons for your event announcements

Party Balloons as Photo Props

Adding balloons to your event is an easy way to gain some stunning photos. Create elegance by including some white jumbo balloons for your bridal party to hold. Alternatively, balloons in your colour scheme will brighten a backdrop and instantly transform a photo of a group of people, into a party!
How to use balloons for your event photo props

Bonbonniere, Party favours and Candy cups

Coordinate some helium balloons with your theme and simply attach to the loot bags or boxes.

To take it to the next level, candy cups are sure to impress. Contact your balloon twister or decorator & have them create some characters and designs to suit your theme Eg. For a Frozen theme, you could include characters like Elsa, Ana, Olaf or keep it easy and use snowflakes. Add these to the top of a clear cup with lid & then fill with goodies of your choice.
How to use balloons for your event bonbonniere, party favours and candy cups

Table numbers, Guest lists and Menus

Incorporate a mini balloon into your table decor or floral arrangement as a table number. Jumbo balloons can have text added such as your guest list for each table, or your menu for the event. You’d kill two birds with one stone, and have less printing!
How to use balloons for your event table numbers, guest lists and menus

Entertainment & Games

There are so many games that incorporate balloons that are perfect for both children and adult’s birthday parties. DIY papier mache piñatas, carnival style dart board, water balloon fights, egg and spoon race (using a water balloon as the egg), pass the balloon between your knees, don’t let the balloon touch the ground. The only limit is your imagination!


How to use balloons for your event entertainment & games


Photo booths & Backdrops

Balloon decorating has come a long way in the last 10 years and what was once considered by some as in bad taste, is now innovative, fashionable and trending, particularly through social media. There is no limit to what can be achieved with balloons.

Here’s a rainbow themed photo frame and wall that our team created for our local Bowling Clubs Open Day recently. It was a huge success, with young and old lining up to have their photos taken with it.
How to use balloons for your event photo booths & backdrops
Giant number and letter balloons are also extremely popular and can be used for absolutely any event. Here’s some we did for the New Years Eve Party at Marquee Night Club.
How to use balloons for your event new years eve party at marquee night club

Did you know?

– Inhaling helium out of a balloon for a party trick can be extremely dangerous and is highly discouraged. It can lead to suffocation and potentially fatal. Helium is non toxic & non flammable, so therefore very safe, but should never be inhaled.
– While Balloon Releases are a beautiful way to commemorate a life, in NSW they are restricted to only 19 balloons at one time. This is due to both environmental concerns and also aviation issues. The penalty can range from $1100- $5500. Professional balloon decorators will inform their clients of this and suggest more responsible alternatives.