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The Party’s Here: Using Balloons For Gender Reveals, Cake Smash & Baby Showers

The party’s here: using balloons for gender reveal, cake smash & baby shower

What could be more exciting than welcoming a new bundle of joy to your family? What better way to celebrate this special occasion than with balloons! Whether it be in the early stages with a gender reveal and baby shower, or down the track for cake smashes and first birthdays, there are a multitude of ways to incorporate balloons.

Pregnancy Announcements & Gender Reveals

Telling the world that you’re expecting should be joyful, but it can also be entertaining and unique, especially with the rise of social media. One of the most popular ideas is to create a big box decorated and filled with helium balloons and once opened, the balloons float out announcing blue for a boy and pink for a girl. Search this on You tube and you’ll find plenty of great videos of couples announcing the gender of their baby, it’s often a surprise for them as well, not just family and friends. Another take on this is to fill a small box with mini air filled balloons, one of which has a label ‘pop me’. When popped, the balloon reveals a note for the recipient, which could be anything from “You’re going to be a grandma!” to “Will you be our Godparent” to “It’s a boy!”

If you really want to make a bang, a jumbo helium balloon filled with confetti or mini balloons is perfect for you. Ensure the jumbo balloon is black (there are even some available with white question marks printed) and instruct your local party store or balloon decorator whether to fill with pink or blue. You can have someone do this for you, or bring along a sealed envelope from your doctor. You may want to do the big pop process outside, unless you want a house covered in confetti! Don’t worry, the confetti is made from tissue and therefore, biodegradable.

Why not make a game out of your gender reveal? Balloon walls are in fashion for all sorts of occasions, but they can also be interactive. Picture a wall made entirely from black balloons. The expectant parents can use darts to throw at the balloons to pop them. Depending on how much mess you want, these could be filled with paint or confetti, in either pink or blue. Of course, not every balloon would be filled with anything, it’s more amusing to guess which one will have the answer. You could even have your guests place bets on whether Mum or Dad will pop the right balloon!

If you really want to make lasting memories (or increase the views on your You tube video) by taking your gender reveal to the next level, we suggest a balloon drop. Often used for New Years Eve celebrations, a drop is a net containing air filled balloons strung from the ceiling. When the string is pulled, the net opens up and the balloons float to the floor. Instead of a net, the surprise could be inside a black bag so before it’s opened, no one will know whether there are pink or blue balloons inside.

Pregnancy Announcements

Cake Smash

Cake Smash parties are a recent concept and involve setting up an area or backdrop for your baby and allowing them to basically eat cake. Be warned, it doesn’t always go as planned, some babies just don’t want to get their hands dirty, others cry, some just look at the cake. Of course, the most successful cake smash parties and when the baby lets loose and hoes into the cake, getting it all over the floor and themselves. The beauty with the cake smash is you can do something simple, with a white outfit and some modest decorations, or choose a specific theme and match your cake, childs outfit and décor accordingly. Popular choices for balloons include traditional helium filled balloons with ribbon attached that can be tied onto weights, or taped onto the floor at varying height. Supersize it and have some 90cm jumbo balloons filled with confetti or covered in tulle with some tassels added for something really special.

Baby Shower

The options are endless for baby shower balloon games. Often, the sillier the better! Put the diaper on the baby (the balloon) can be quite challenging, especially if your baby is a little on the round side. Blindfolds can be added for an even more hilarious version of this game. If you have some yard space or an open area, the balloon relay race is the best way to get your guests up and moving. Each person in the team must blow up their balloon, put it under their shirt and run to the other end of the yard, with each member in the team following. You can then have them pop their balloons (that part is a little like giving birth!) and the first team to have everyone complete this, wins.

Did you know?

– Inhaling helium out of a balloon for a party trick can be extremely dangerous and is highly discouraged. It can lead to suffocation and potentially fatal. Helium is non toxic & non flammable, so therefore very safe, but should never be inhaled.

– While Balloon Releases are a beautiful way to commemorate a life, in NSW they are restricted to only 19 balloons at one time. This is due to both environmental concerns and also aviation issues. The penalty can range from $1100- $5500. Most latex balloons are biodegradable, but other ranges can be made from foil or plastic and these should never be released. Professional balloon decorators will inform their clients of these restrictions and suggest more responsible alternatives.