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Things to Avoid on a Valentine’s Date

Oh yes, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Love is truly in the air! To keep that mood going, we are here to tell you tips on what NOT to do when you’re on a date! We dont want those embarrassing and cringe worthy moments!


Texting while on a date

  • This is a no, no! You’re on a date, you should interact with each other and put your little devices away. It’s a bit rude to just stare at your phone the whole time, giving a negative impression. Talk! Face to face!


Indecisive on choosing a restaurant

  • What is more annoying than not knowing where to eat? Asking each other repeatedly WHERE to eat! Honestly, just decide. The first thing that pops in your mind, that’s it! Happy eating! Try the process of elimination – be the bigger person and give her/him 2 options and let them decide, take control 😉


Showing up without a reservation

  • This wouldn’t end well…. Valentine’s day is one of those ‘unofficial’ holiday where almost every restaurant is full. So walking in could be a bit of a nuisance and may cause delay. You wouldn’t want that, do you? So make sure to book a place the latest a week before, or else Macca’s 2 for 1 special it is…Woo!


Don’t over eat

  • Never a good idea. Not on a date. When you’re just at home, sure! But not this day with a potential lover 😛 We’ve all been there c’mon loosening those jean buckles and undoing a couple buttons, not cute!


Avoid complaining

  • Especially if this is your first date. Complaining a lot doesn’t really give a good impression. “Sending you Good Vibes”  Try to mellow it down, and just complain to your girls after 😉 But hopefully everything goes great, so no complaints will be needed! Have a drink or two, or three…


Don’t give the creepy stare

  • No one likes a creepy awkward stare. I know they’re gorgeous but save the stalking for Instagram later…geeze! Keep it natural, relax and try not to look at your date for too long. It’s okay to blink, but don’t do it too much 😛


Don’t watch The Notebook or any other Nicholas Sparks movie

  • Don’t be a cliche and watch The Notebook just like everybody else. You wouldn’t want to be boiling your eyes out in front of your date. Nope. Save that for a rainy day. Watch something that both of you will genuinely enjoy! Remember ladies MASCARA RUNS, and pandas are only cute in the wild…HA!


Letting the ‘L’ word slip too soon

  • Uhuh. Be careful with those three words. Don’t let them slip out when you’re not totally sure. Dont get caught up in the moment. But hey, if you feel like it’s the time, who are we to say no to that! 😛