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Top Christmas Food ‘Pinterest’ Picks Recreated by Us

Falalalala! Christmas season is here!! We’re getting pumped and ready to give you tips on how to make your holiday stress free and fun!

We found some quirky food ideas on Pinterest that you can prepare for your family and friends. This will definitely make your prep time more enjoyable and won’t cost you a fortune!

Dessert Table

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Bake some puff pastries, choosing your own flavour and style. For us, we made small round ones and spiral sizes with cheese inside! Yum, right?! Make sure they are fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside- the golden rule! Decorate your table with some candles and snow flake ornaments to highlight the Christmas vibe! To make things even more fun, we couldn’t resist to play with some icing sugar and made it seem like snow! You can get the kids to play around and rain snow on your table!

Ingredients Used:

– Puff Pastry
– Mozzarella Cheese
– Icing Sugar


Grazing Table

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We found this cute cheese Christmas Tree and recreated the look with a ‘Party Affairs’ flare! We used 2 different types of cheese to make the form of the tree (Brie and Parsley cream cheese). For garnish, add slices of red capsicum to act like Christmas balls. Chop parsley for pine needle effect, pine nuts and cranberries as Christmas lights. Don’t forget your chips, of course. Scatter them around your cheese board with some pine cones to add to the festive look!

Ingredients Used:

– Red Capsicum
– Brie
– Parsley Cream Cheese
– Dried Cranberries
– Pine nuts
– Chips/Crackers


Hot Chocolate

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We couldn’t forget about snowman! So why not incorporate snow with our favourite hot chocolate drink! First thing, you would need large marshmallows. Try buying from your local supermarket, but if you can’t find one, visit your nearest Reject Shop. Transform the marshmallows into a snowman, by drawing simple black dots making the eyes and mouth. Add a small slice of carrot for the nose, of course! The hot chocolate would stand as the body, so make your classic hot chocolate and add whip cream all around the top. Put the marshmallow on top and there you go! You’ve got your very own chocolate snowman!

Ingredients Used:

– Cadbury Hot Chocolate Mix
– Campfire Giant Marshmallows
– Milk
– Carrot


There you have it! Put lots of love on these food ideas and for sure everyone would enjoy your party!