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Father’s Day Big Brekkie

father's day big brekkie

Father’s Day is fast approaching! Do you have something special prepared already? Why not surprise your Dad with a heartful and delicious Father’s day BIG BREKKIE!

We’ve prepared a really simple but satisfying breakfast that will surely make your Dad feel ultimately loved!

A father’s day big brekkie doesn’t have to consist of complicated, expensive components. It can be as simple as bread, eggs, pancakes, with some fruit!

Our big brekkie consists of the following:
Scrambled eggs
Egg in a basket
Orange juice

You can get all your ingredients at your local supermarket, and make sure to stay on your budget.

Pop up two hashbrown inside the oven and cook until golden brown. While waiting for that, get two sausages as well and fry them in a pan. For pancakes, you can easily buy a pancake mix and add your own twist to it by adding some berries and maple syrup. Scramble some eggs as well for colour and texture!

Now my favourite part! You can experiment and try the famous egg in a basket. Instead of just toasting bread, cut a circle in the middle and crack an egg in the hole. Make sure to use a generous amount of butter when cooking.

For drinks, make your Dad his favourite coffee and add a glass of orange juice for nutrients! Slice up some fruits as well to cleanse his palate!

Wishing all Dads out there a HAPPY HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!