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Floral Mother’s Day

Floral mother's day

Figuring our how to celebrate Mother’s day can often be tricky. Mum says she doesn’t want anything, and to keep your money for yourself.. then you feel bad for not having something extravagant or even small planned! That’s where we step in, we’ve thought of a few creative ways to show Mum she means the world to you this Mother’s Day.

Floral “Mum” Sign

It’s a really simple and easy way to show mum how much you love her! All you need to do to make Mum sign! We bought wooden shaped letters of a neutral colour, and plenty of faux flowers. Glued the flowers to the letters using a glue gun.
Materials Needed:

Wooden Letters (Spotlight: $4.99 each)
Faux Flowers (Dollar Store: $2.99 per bunch)
Super Glue (Spotlight: $10)

Time to make 45 minutes.

Mother's day floral decor

Mother's day floral decoration


What’s a celebration without cake?

To outshine your siblings even more, treat you mom to a cake and more! We went to our go to Sydney cake business, Lushcups Bakery!

We picked out a 2 tiered vanilla cake with buttercream icing in the middle with simple floral design to relate to the floral theme we were going for.

We additionally went with vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with floral designs and “Mother’s Day” print on them. Perfect for the many other Mother’s that you may have! Give each of them a cupcake each to show them how much they mean to you as well on this special day!
Mother's day cakes
Mother's day floral cakes

Mother's day cup cakes


Mother’s Day Flowers and Candles

I don’t know about your Mum but whenever Mother’s Day comes around my Mum always says “save your money! I don’t need anything” but in the back of your mind you think “She’s Impossible!” Here is a way to not overspend and be sentimental all at the same time…. flowers, and candles! Better, yet – a combination of both!

Do you remember when your Mum used to put your so called “art work” on the fridge and keep it as a prized possession for literally years? Well we thought we should recreate that and make something she will put up and remember you always.

Mother's day flowers and candles
Mother's day candles
Mother's day flowers

Wishing all the Mother’s out there a very Happy Mother’s Day! xx