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Carnival Party Ideas

Carnival Party Ideas

With eye-popping primary colours, classic games, and yummy food options, a carnival theme will certainly be a big hit with everybody. What’s not to like about it! Kids and adults will have long lasting memories, we remember the excitement of going to a carnival and the smell of hot dogs and fairy floss in the air, taking us back to our childhood. That’s why we put together a few carnival party ideas to help you plan a carnival themed party without breaking the bank. There is a way of creating an amazing experience with carnival related supplies and great inspiration from our blog.

There is a lot to plan so let’s get started!



The traditional red & white stripes colour theme is a safe and easy choice but you can always let your imagination flow! The carnival party decoration is usually bursting with bold patterns, bright colours and really allows you to get creative with your styling and decorations. Any supplies you don’t already have at home are inexpensive and easy to find using the Party Affairs website.

Make sure to check out The Party People for all of your decoration supplies.

How perfect would that $29.90 back drop be for a DIY Photo Booth!




Balloons are another way of making your party come alive and we’ve got you covered. Bubble Moo Balloons can help your carnival party to life with balloon arrangements in a range of primary colours, they can provide you with custom made balloons to suit your event as well, if you have a particular idea in mind you’d like to emulate. They are based in Sydney and can provide a wide variety of decor to suit all of your needs. Have a look below for inspiration if you need some ideas.






We have also found this amazing DIY carnival decoration. You will be able to transform your patio furniture in a “food tent” in just a few minutes!

-Cover the table with bright cloth, and string small balloons from the top of the umbrella

-Tie the balloons to twine and anchor the twine to the ground with a golf tee

-To brighten seating, knot scraps of colourful fabric to chairs




Table Setting

For when it comes to tableware, you can definitely mix and match colours. What about going with the yellow and white stripes plates from Love The Occasion and their white and red napkins? Otherwise, Ruby Rabbit has plenty of different unique and inexpensive options to choose from. Both Love The Occassion and Ruby Rabbit ship Australia wide. Have a look at a few of their products below.




How cute is this cupcake stand! Only $9.95.




We are also loving those red stars wooden ice cream spoons from Ruby Rabbit, the spoons are the environment’s friend, they’re also bio-degradable! Check out their full range of cutlery here.






Carnival Party Ideas for Food

For this theme, we would suggest serving anything you would find at the circus or carnival, such as the following:

-Hot dogs

-Corn dogs


-Chicken Strips

-French Fries

-Nachos and cheese

-Corn on the Cob

– popcorn

– fairy floss

– Toffee apple

– Banana splits

– Churros

– Pretzels


Flavours Catering have you covered when it comes to that carnival food. They will be happy to help you create your own custom menu that can cater for any dietary requirements for any guests! And their services include both drop-off orders as well as providing staff to help out with the food at your event if needed.




Traditionally at carnivals there are a range of games for kids to play and gather their tickets to purchase a price. Ruby Rabbit offers these tickets below which you can use for the kids to replicate a real carnival. Kids who win games get tickets and they can then go and pick a prize based on different ticket amounts as something extra to take home. The prizes can be lollies, nail polish, stuffed animals, etc




A popcorn stand in a carnival-party is must-have! The aroma of freshly popped popcorn instantly puts everyone in the carnival spirit! We recently post a blog about how to create your own popcorn bar for your event, check it out here.






If hiring a caterer is out of the question, here are some food suggestions. These edible dumb-bells looks and tastes so great and are also very simple to make. All you need to use are chocolate donut holes or cake pops and connect it with a black party straw.  Another version of the dumb-bells would be to use marshmallow or fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, kiwi fruit or melon on the ends instead of chocolate.

No one will be able to keep the hands of the food!






When we think of a carnival or a circus, one of the first things that comes to our mind is usually GAMES! No matter the age of your guests, everyone will want to jump in on the fun. You can recreate all the fun of the fair with DIY carnival games.


How many?




Guess the number of sweets is a good game to introduce a touch of calm down the craziness of the day. You only need to decorate a jar and then let the guessing start. Before doing so, don’t forgot to count down the number of lollies so that one lucky winner can gets the prize.


Ring Toss



Here’s a classic carnival game; the ring toss. Throw a ring around a bottle and win a prize!


Face painting stand




Set up a face painting booth for an activity everybody will enjoy. If you would like to hire a professional to take care of the make up, Sparkly Fairy Face Painting would be more than happy to help you. They service Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Gold Coast.



Tattoo stand




Another idea to entertain your guests would be to set up a tattoo booth with fake tattoos and/or stick-on-body jewellery for kids. Kids will love to be able to decorate themselves with colourful designs and Mum & Dad will love that those design will wash or peel off later.


Balloons Pop




The goal of this classical carnival game is to throw a dart at a balloon. This game tests the aim and patience of the player and would definitely one of the most popular attraction of the day. Setting up a dartboard for the game is easier that it look. It only require a board you can staple on, some balloons and paint. Paint the board first and then blow all the balloons and simply sample it all to the board.


Make sure to check out our Pinterest for even more inspiration.



There are a lot of different fantastic invitations out there for a carnival-themed party. We are loving those cute invitations by Love the Occasion. Only $8.50 for a pack of 10.



Otherwise, if you  would prefer to save money on pre-made invitations you could definitely make it yourself. By doing so, it gives the invitations a bit more a personal touch and it is also a great craft activity for the kids to do.


There is so many fun and unique ides of decorations, games, food recipes so have some fun with it.

We hope you feel as inspired as us!

Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram at @partyaffairs ! We would love to see your creations.