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Winter Tea Party Ideas

Winter tea party ideas

Do you have a birthday or baby shower coming up, or just looking for any excuse to spend some time with your friends? We’ve thrown an awesome High Tea party for Mother’s Day, and that got us thinking about hosting another! We have you covered on how to throw a low-key and low-budget party that will get you through the winter! Check out our collection of winter tea party ideas.

Our Winter Tea Party Ideas

Set the Scene


The mood of your tea party can be whatever you make it! So if you want to make your guests feel warm and snug, think about the air temperature, where you want to host the tea, what music is playing in the background and what decorative elements you want to introduce into the setting.

You might not be so lucky to have a fireplace at your place, so give the illusion of a cabin-getaway with candles. Choose one scent and scatter them around the room. Depending on your theme, you might opt for plain white candles, but if you are looking to add some colour to the room, take a look at these Candle Caves from Annabel Trends, available in different colours and sizes, starting from $7.95.


If you have a fireplace, even better! Light it up and get the whole place nice and cosy.

Some soft music playing in the background is a must! Check out some chill playlists created by Spotify and let shuffle do all the work!

We love to surround ourselves with flowers, especially at events. It helps guests relax and get into the mood of a low-key party. Look out for what winter flowers are trending at the moment, or leave it up to the experts to choose the perfect range for you. Florabomb is a fresh floral design studio with a focus on event flowers that are in season and at their best. What else is amazing about them is that they service many locations in NSW.

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What You Need


Make sure to be organised before the day of the event, saving you the most amount of time on the day will ensure that not only your guests but you will have the best time. Make sure to find some tea cups and at least one teapot to make your job easier. Once you have everything you need, it’s time to think about the extra details. Like this tea cosy from Annabel Trends, it’s sure to keep your tea warmer for longer! There are a few designs to choose from, but we couldn’t look past this pompom knit for $28.95.


For the coffee-lovers, make sure to have some mugs available too. We found this cute mug for $15.95 from Annabel Trends and couldn’t resist sharing it.


There is always one friend who feels the cold much more than everyone else, so make sure to stock up on extra warmth through slippers, scarves and blankets. If you haven’t noticed, we love pompoms! So we were pretty excited when we also found this Coral Fleece Throw from Annabel Trends for $29.95. 




Keep it simple by either providing all of your own tableware to save on costs. But if you don’t have enough to go around or they are all mismatched, then it might be a good idea to buy some disposable items. They may be cheap in cost, but these Bamboo Teaspoons and Desert Plates are a perfect solution. There are so many quality products from Love the Occasion, but we love these products for a tea party in particular.

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When winter kicks in, we tend to get huge food cravings! Keep everyone satisfied by providing a few different options for your guests to enjoy. We like to leave it up to caterers to prepare our party food. We’ve used both Flavours Catering and Bev’s Catering for our Mother’s Day High Tea and Easter Egg Hunt. They have provided the most delicious party food and we think they’d be perfect for sharing platters.

IMG_9405copy IMG_9406copy


But don’t forget the sweets! Cupcakes are a tea party’s best friend! Cupcake superstar, PhoebeBakes can create personalised and delicious cakes for small events like this. Pick a flavour and colour pallet that will compliment your winter theme!

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 4.55.03 pm

Finish it all off with these Cupcake Toppers by Love The Occasion. A little extra detail will go a long way with your guests.





What’s a tea party without the tea!? Tea flavours is a big topic in the Party Affairs office, we are always trying the new exotic flavours. We love a good ol’ green tea, but we think you should step up your tea-game and go wild at T2. Pick out a few different flavours, and either let your guests choose their favourite to drink, or do a little taste-testing game!


Be sure so serve some slices of orange and lemon for those who just want to drink normal black tea.


Other drinks

It’s still okay to serve other drinks at a tea party, but you don’t have to go over the top. Just a simple coffee or hot chocolate wouldn’t go astray.


Conversation Starters


As tea parties are generally more intimate, communicating with your guests is going to be your main form of entertainment. So make sure to have some great conversation starters to bring up if things start to die down. Maybe ask what’s on everyone’s travel bucket list, or what secret recipes they can share with everyone.


In saying that, you probably won’t find you need to use them! With the right ambience, tea flavours and food to keep you occupied, you’ll find that the chit-chat will be flowing all afternoon.

We’d love to hear your tea party stories! Where did you host it, what was it in celebration of, and did you walk away with any tips to remember for the future? Comment below!

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