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Ribbon Whirls Lolly Christmas Buffet Ideas

ribbon whirls lolly christmas buffet ideas

Christmas is the best time to celebrate with family and friends. So why not impress your guests with one of our Christmas buffet ideas and plan a DIY lolly buffet? Lolly and dessert buffets make the perfect festive centrepiece to your Christmas lunch, dinner or family barbecue.

Sarah, co-owner of Adelaide based event styling company Ribbon Whirls specialises in creating customised gourmet dessert and lolly buffets for all occasions. Sarah has some cool Christmas buffet ideas and has put together her top tips to recreating a festive buffet at home using pieces you may already have paired with a few store bought items from your local supermarket! We hope this gives you a little inspiration to create your own fun Christmas themed buffet that will wow your family and friends.

Christmas Buffet Ideas

This time of year is perfect for sourcing decorations at your local variety store and choosing a colour theme is super important. Whether it’s the traditional Christmas colours of red and green or something modern like purple, mint and white, keep it consistent and add bursts of colours as shown in our bunting. If you need to brighten it up a little, popping some silver or gold accents can add a little dazzle, if you’re feeling rustic then adding twine and wooden decorations gives a casual earthy look & really gives your buffet some edge.


Keep your eye out at the store for lovely glass jars such as the Christmas tree one we found as well as inexpensive table covers and placemats, gorgeous cake stands and platters. You don’t have to fill every vessel with confectionery. Here we filled some small festive baubles in the jar to save on cost and add colour. These cute glasses are a great staple to keep at home. Many of these items can be kept and pulled out of storage for use at celebratory dinners such as New Years Eve and birthdays or keep them for the following Christmas.


Christmas confectionery is in abundance in supermarkets, variety and discount stores so you need not spend a lot. Candy canes and party mixes are great inexpensive choices, or if you chose to add a few premium lollies as shown, ferrero rochers, flavoured jelly beans, M&M’s and Baci kisses are a few popular favourites. You can also add some store bought desserts as we have here with the mince pies, or you could get your apron on and wiz up some tasty gingerbread men, rum balls or any other family favourites you wish to add to your table.


Amongst our Christmas buffet ideas, the Ribbon Whirls lolly buffet is an eye catching yet affordable festive display to recreate with ease. If you have some spare time and are the creative type you can easily take your display to the next level with themed buffet cards showing guests what each lolly item is, handmade decorations and sweet little lolly bags with tags.


A “How to” guide to creating your own Lolly Buffet


1) What to include

Flavoured jelly beans, M&M’s, Ferrero rochers, boiled lolly mixes in bottles, candy canes, mince Pies, Christmas baubles, rustic wooden decorations, serviettes, felt bunting, Baubles, felt placemats and wooden decorations.



2) How to decorate the table

A table setting should look balanced, so often mirror the two sides and meet in the middle with an eye-catching “hero” item like the christmas tree jar filled with baubles. Tiering jars and platters at different heights add layers and visual interest which makes the tablescape look nice and full, whereas candles always add a beautiful warm, cosy feel to the table.



3) How to decide what to add to the table

Try to visualise the table setting & use the items that people relate to when they think about the chosen theme. For example, Christmas displays indicate beautifully decorated Christmas trees with hanging baubles and candy canes (hence the use of the Christmas tree vase filled with baubles, lots of candy canes in jars and bauble themed bunting). Putting a spin on tradition to add that wow factor is always fun to surprise your guests!

4) How to tie decorations into the event theme

Firstly, start with a colour palette and since it’s a Christmas theme, the traditional reds and greens are used as the main colours in the confectionary and decorations. Secondly, scout around for what the seasons trend is going to be. It seems the addition of vibrant colours such as orange and blue are on trend and add a bit of a modern twist. Decorative items hanging from jars helps to tie the theme together, for example the wooden carved decorations with the rustic twist works perfectly with this lolly buffet. The addition of the mince pies also compliment the rustic theme and are known as a traditional christmas treat. Add a glam touch with gold wrapped fererro rochers to finish it off.






5) Do you know around how many people this would feed and an approximate cost?

The number of guests this size buffet would cater for would depend on the time of day it’s served if take home treat bags are available and if other food and beverage is on offer, such as finger food or a hot dinner. A petite size buffet such as this could be enjoyed by around 25 or so guests to nibble at before and after a meal.

The cost for a petite DIY buffet like this would vary depending on what supplies you already own at home (linen, platters and jars and decorations, confectionary, treats), or if you purchase the jars, cake stands, lollies and decorations. Budget from around $150 up, depending on the inclusions you require for a simple DIY buffet.

We hope you found our Christmas buffet ideas useful and have enjoyed our little Christmas Lolly Buffet display and tutorial. Enjoy creating your own displays and wishing you a Merry Christmas!