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New Wedding Trend: The Flower Bar

At Party Affairs we’re always on the lookout for new wedding trends, and when we came across Weekly Blooms’ brilliant new Flower Bar service we had to share the idea with our Party Affairs users. We can see the Flower Bar becoming the next big wedding trend to catch on and we’re very excited to be able to offer our readers 10% off their Flower Bar with Weekly Blooms (all you have to do is mention Party Affairs when asking for a quote).

Weekly Blooms is a Sydney-based florist who offers a weekly flower subscription service, but she also specialises in wedding flowers. Now Weekly Blooms is offering a range of different Flower Bar packages to suit your budget and the number of guests you’re accounting for. Flower Bar packages range in price from $400 – $1100. We spoke to Lin, the clever lady behind Weekly Blooms, to find out a little more about the unique service.

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What inspired you to come up with the Flower Bar?
I do a lot of small jar arrangements for cafes and restaurants on a weekly bases and wanted to make them for guests to take home at my own wedding in November this year. However, realistically, I probably won’t have the time to make 100 mini arrangements being the bride and all, not to mention the added stress it would cause. So I thought why not have the guests DIY? Just like how they would at a candy bar where they get to pick and choose, but replace the candy with flowers!

How much work is involved for the client if they want a Flower Bar at their wedding?
Everything is taken care of. All they need to do is let me know if they have a preferred colour palette. If not, the flowers will be a mixture of colours. Flower/foliage varieties will be seasonal. We come and set it all up with props and pack it up and take it away at the end of the event. It’s all included in the package price. (For more info on prices click here)

If you don’t necessarily want a DIY Flower Bar, we have another type of Flower Bar package. Instead of the guests doing DIY, we can pre-arrange all the jars with flowers for you and set them up clustered as a centrepiece at your event, and at the end of the event, guests are able to each take one with them. This way, no flowers go to waste and they all go to a good home.

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What feedback about your Flower Bars have you had so far?
The first reaction people have is how beautiful the setup looks and how original it is as we’re the only people that offer this service. It’s hard to look at a table full of blooms and not go “wow”, and the best part is that the guests are able to take some of the blooms home with them! People love that it’s so versatile and it hits a few birds with one stone – i.e. the Flower Bar enhances the overall decor at your event, can be used as a bonbonniere/gift and at the same time provides entertainment for guests.


Contact Lin via email at or by phone on 043334850. Remember to mention Party Affairs in order to get 10% off!