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Baby Shower Checklist

Baby shower checklist

A baby shower is a particularly exciting party because you’re celebrating a very special occasion – having a baby is a big deal! Baby showers are often organised by a close friend or family member rather than the mum-to-be herself, but whether it’s your own baby shower or a baby shower for a loved one you want to throw a memorable party that’s fun for everyone. Baby showers are typically thrown just a few weeks before the baby’s due date, which is a particularly busy time for the mother, so you certainly don’t want any baby shower planning to cause any unnecessary stress. We’ve compiled a checklist so that you don’t forget anything, cross these things off of your party planning to do list and planning a baby shower should be no trouble at all!

1. Where are you holding your baby shower?

Have a think about this one. Is it going to be a surprise baby shower or will she know about it? Do you have a nice space big enough that you can use for free? Depending on how long you predict the party will go for and what activities and/or games you’re planning on holding it may be a good idea to host your baby shower at a restaurant or cafe venue. If you have an accommodating venue and enough people coming to the party, let them know that you’re holding a baby shower when you make the reservation and see if your party can have their own space. You may be able to decorate the area with baby shower decorations beforehand. If you happen to live in the Surfers Paradise area we recommend the high tea at Vintage Velvet. High tea at Vintage Velvet costs $44 per person and is available Tuesday – Sunday 12pm – 5pm. If you think a restaurant is an ideal place to host your baby shower have a browse of the venues listed on Party Affairs.

Baby shower high tea


2. Decorations

The Party Affairs site has an almost endless list of party decorations suppliers who have a range of different baby shower decorations. You can choose to have a predominantly pink party for a baby girl, baby blue to celebrate the birth of a baby boy or you can go for a more neutral colour palette if the sex of the baby is being kept as a surprise.

Here are a few of our decorative ideas for a baby shower:

  • One Stop Kids Party Shop has foil baby shower banners that are a cute and cost effective way of announcing the happy news. These banners are 12ft long and repeat the words ‘baby shower’ with adorable cartoon elephants in the background. They’re $6.50 each and One Stop Kids Party Shop ships Australia wide.
  • You could feature a special balloon bouquet as a standout decorative piece and then have helium or air balloons to fill the rest of your party room. Balloon Brilliance has an excellent collection of balloons.
  • Gift of the Gab has plenty of single baby boy and baby girl foil balloons that you can buy online, ranging in price from $15 – $30.
  • Partycles has blue and pink garlands which you can hang from the ceiling, around railings or off of tables. These are as cheap as $2.95.
  • Small Favours has pink and blue garlands that are 1m wide and 30cm long for the sale price of $17.00.
  • We love this designer balloon bouquet from Balloon Saloon (it comes in pink for girls as well).

designer balloon bouquet


3. Baby Shower Games

There are plenty of fun baby shower games that are easy to host for your guests. These are a few of our team’s favourite baby shower games to play. Some are a little silly but we think that they’re all good fun!

Onesie Momentos
At the beginning of the party have a plain white baby onesie for each of the guests. Have fabric paint, markers, maybe even glue and sparkles and get each of the guests to decorate the onesies and write messages for the mother-to-be and the baby on the way so that they have something to remember the baby shower and everyone who attended.

The Baby Name Game
Choose a handful of letters and get guests to write down as many names as they can think of beginning with those letters. Whoever has the most names on their list wins a prize!

Baby Bottle Races
Fill up baby bottles to the brim for each guest. You can fill them with some kind of milky cocktail or mocktail, or any other drink of your choosing. Count down from three to begin the race and whoever finishes their baby bottle the fastest wins the baby bottle race! You could give out prizes for those who manage to place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the race.

Guess The Baby
This game will take a little preparation before the baby shower. When you invite your guests also ask them to bring a baby photo of themselves to the party. At the party organise the game so that only you know who’s baby photo belongs to who. Arrange the photos on a table and tell guests not to disclose which photo is a photo of themselves. Try and get guests to guess whose photo belongs to who, if you wish you can give a prize to whoever makes the most correct matches.

Nappy Fashions
This is a fun fast-paced game if you want an active baby shower game to play, you’ll need lots of toilet paper and some tape to play this one. Split your guests into two or more teams and supply each team with plenty of toilet paper. Tell each team to choose a model that they’re going to make a diaper out of toilet paper for. Give the teams 3 minutes to make the best, most fashionable diaper that they can!

4. Food For Your Guests

If you are holding the baby shower at a restaurant venue then you don’t need to worry about catering your event, however if the baby shower is being held at someone’s home then you’ll need to put some thought into how you’re going to feed your guests. You could make some of the food yourself (you can read about some party appropriate cupcakes here). If you’re anxious about making enough food for all your guests you can always get a little help from the professionals. Here are a few food professionals that can help you out, (we highly recommend all of them, they make delicious food).

Tutti Frutti Lolly Buffets create delicious lolly feasts, and they can customise their buffet for whatever specific occasion you’re celebrating. For instance if it’s a baby shower for a baby girl you can have a lolly buffet in predominantly pink colours.

Baby shower cakes


Sugar Bee Cakes makes stunning desserts including tiered cakes, cupcakes, iced cookies and other desserts. You can make an appointment with Sugar Bee Cakes before you place your order so you’re 100% happy. This gorgeous cake topped with the sweetest pastel florals was made for a baby shower!

Baby shower floral cake

For readers based in Victoria we recommend getting some of the very tasty finger food from Okka Pies. They make bite-sized treats for homemade quality food that’s super convenient. They can cater to all sorts of tastes with mini party pies, sausage rolls, little quiches, cheese and spinach rolls, veggie pies and pumpkin tartlets, curried vegetable turnovers and more.

Baby shower party pies

If you are having a large baby shower event you may need more of a complete caterer. Flavours Catering + Events offers a deluxe selection of gourmet sandwiches, salads, fruit platters, sweet treats and more.

Baby shower party food

5. Baby Shower Gifts

If you’re buying gifts for the mum and baby there are two types of gifts that would make for excellent pressies. You could buy gifts that are practical for example nappy cakes. If you don’t know what nappy cakes are they’re basically nappies arranged into tiered towers, this way you’re giving a practical gift that will definitely be used, but it’s packaged in a cute way.

Alternatively you could give more lasting gifts, like good quality baby toys that they will be able to play with even as the baby grows older. We love this Duke Dog Rattle made by DINGaRING (available for sale at Antipodean Love for $19.95).

Baby shower gifts